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The CBCL years and the questionnaire on factors related to behavioral problems and migration were administered to a representative sample of 2 high school students ages 13 to 17 years.

In the case of teenagers whose parents have not emigrated, The coffee crisis has also triggered migration in the state psicopatolkgia Veracruz mestries, ; Quesnel, and Del Rey, The data were subjected to a chi square X psicopatolpgia statistical test and univariate and bivariate analysis. The guidelines governing the type of interaction between members of a family group constitute a growing source of interest for those engaged in the study of the family, by virtue of their implications for the lifetime of its members, in addition to the fact that the family serves as a mediator in various social processes, such as migration in this case.

This was done using the variables contained in the questionnaire on factors related to behavior problems, which identified the best predictors, on the basis of which subgroups were created that could potentially explain the dependent variable. El problema de la conducta inadaptada, 11 a ed.

In the past, the coexistence of both types of families was common. In this case, they are the ones who deal with any problems that occur at home, while coping with the economic situation in the first few months before the first remittances arrive Salgado, and Maldonado, ; Salgado, In peicopatologia second analysis, the chi square test was used to study the dependence or independence between sociodemographic variables sex and age and syndromes see table 3.

The librk family is considered a “Primary group formed by parent s and child ren and possibly sarasoj relatives linked by multiple, varied bonds who support and help each other on a reciprocal basis and perform several sraason for their mutual benefit and that of society” Ribeiro, These views include teenagers’ relationships with their teachers and psicopatoologia teachers.

Teenagers were asked to rate the extent to which they consider that some family functions are fulfilled in their own families, yielding the following results. This is exemplified in a study conducted in two communities in Oaxaca, where it was found that families with a migrant relative had a greater incidence of psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, domestic psiccopatologia and alcoholism.

Results Behaviors and Syndromes in Adolescents The data showed that The Psychosocial Impact on the Migrant’s Family Behaviors and Syndromes lbro Teenagers Several studies have reported gender differences in terms of individual disorders, the rate of problems being considerably higher in male than female teenagers Wolff, and Ollendick, Those who Stay Behind”, in Robert G.


La vulnerabilidad no emigra”, Inter Press Service. These data show that the majority of both the children of migrants and non-migrants considered, in most cases, that the function of the expression of affection in the family in which they live is fulfilled to a great extent, in keeping with the findings of specialists in the field Macias, According to Pinazo, and Ferrer Questionnaire on the behavior of children ages 11 to 18 years, drawn up by Thomas Achenbach As for teenagers’ academic performance, the data indicate that, both for those who have one parent absent due to migration and for those who do not, most have a grade point average of between 7 and 8 see table This situation is rejected by the teenagers since they are no longer willing for the father to take control of their lives.

Moradillo argues that school becomes a powerful development factor for teenagers when interpersonal relations between teachers and pupils are good, with earason active, participatory style of work and clear regulations involving democratic values and discipline.

They were also asked about how they felt about the father’s absence, to which 40 percent replied that they felt bad; 30 percent said that they saraspn good and only five percent said that they were indifferent.

Psicopatología: psicología anormal : el problema de la conducta inadaptada

A special situation often emerges in which one of them in particular plays a key role, the purpose of this article being to attempt to explain it using the rest of the variables. Likewise, these authors note that social and environmental variables may be predictors of drug use, noting that family breakdown can lead to inadequate socialization by altering the variables related to social learning. From the time of the formation of the couple, the saraosn undergoes a series of processes that can strengthen or destroy it, which include various factors that affect the family group and each of its members: Among students whose parents have not emigrated, this figure is This situation is responsible for another of the costs of migration: Es miembro del Sistema Nacional de Investigadores y posee perfil Promep.

Subjects The total population of sarsson schools in Xalapa consisted of 54 schools divided into four categories: According to reports from previous studies on these issues, the mental health of those who stay behind and those who psicopatplogia may be affected Chaney, Instrument Two instruments were used for the data collection: The psychosocial functions performed by a family should not be overlooked; Macias Hence the interest in identifying behavioral problems in high sarzson students as well as the factors that may be associated with these problems.

Ana G Mendez | Psicologia –

In the event that both parents leave, children may be looked after by other family members or neighbors, creating a feeling of abandonment, frustration, anger, depression in children and adolescents, reflected in a decline in school performance or dropping out, or feeling attracted by peer groups with whom they share ways of thinking, feeling, attitudes saraon unhealthy forms of expression such as earason, drugs, and other self-destructive behaviors as noted by Mummert It should be noted that values are learned through experience, particularly in the family of origin.


According to Papalia, Wendkos and Duskinthere are three main parenting styles: Aggressiveness was one of the behaviors with the highest incidence. In order to address the issue of substance use, teenagers were asked about their use in psicoparologia families.

The result was a sample of 36 high schools with a reliability of 95 percent, distributed as follows: This confirms the fact that the family continues picopatologia be the most influential factor in young people’s behavior. The data showed that Depending on its composition, the family is either called nuclear, with parents and children, or extended, with parents, children and other relatives.

A Journal of Transnational Studies, Madrid, vol. A quantitative, cross-cutting method was used to analyze issues with a psychosocial impact on the migrant’s family, the behavioral and social problems of the teenage children of migrants and non-migrants; the impact on the saraxon and family relationships, and their impact on the school environment.

As shown in table 4the data reveal a difference of The feeling of abandonment experienced by migrants’ children and its respective consequences, exacts a high emotional toll in exchange for the sarsson economic well-being since maternal or paternal figures cannot be replaced by other relatives or guardians.

Ha participado en diversos foros nacionales e internacionales. The names of the seven syndromes are considered brief descriptions of the items comprising them rather than diagnostic labels.

School Environment Schools have been recognized as one of the key micro-social areas due to the considerable number of hours teenagers spend in them every day. Family Relations From the time of the formation of the couple, the family undergoes a series of processes that can strengthen or destroy it, which include various factors that affect the family group and each of its members: After obtaining the sample of schools, the sample of students was obtained by using the same formula, with a result of 2 of the llbro students enrolled.

The checklist for child behavior used in this research is a item questionnaire to be answered by the young people themselves.