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August , Decreto Legislativo que modifica artículos de la Ley , the Law on the Organization and Functions of the Military Police . %PDF 1 0 obj >> endobj 2 0 obj endobj 3 0 obj /ExtGState/ ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 ]. 1 Según la ley Nº , Ley que regula el procedimiento de ejecución de . en actos ilícitos (Decreto Legislativo que refuerza la ley N° , Ley de.

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An Act to amend the Seamen’s Act no. Suecia – Gente de mar – Ley Act No.

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Repeals the order successive 29812 seafarers between the ages of 46 years and 8 months and 55 years. Act to amend the Seamen’s Act No. About damage from ship collision.

Se requiere actualizar esta norma y homologarla con la norma internacional ISO Amends section 7 the ordinance applies to ships that have been leased to foreign nationals. Amends chapter 10, sections 1 and 11 and inserts a new section 11a, respecting inspection, etc. Chapter 1 makes provision for issuing of certificates under the Act respecting safety on board vessels, and determines navigation zones.


Amends several sections respecting the application of the Ordinance respecting safety on board ship No.

Ciudades y Comunidades sustentables – Inteligentes-digitales: R leg para realizar los estudios de biocomparabilidad. The consolidation of the Act includes a total of 29 amending texts through Octotber up to Act Contains 14 sections covering, inter alia, scope of application, exceptions, rest period and compensation, supervision, work programme, and liability.

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Ordinance to amend the Order No. Provisions, inter alia, as to occupational safety and health, manning scales, etc. Amends section 18 relating to ship officers’ right to relieve a seafarer of his duties. Amends Ordinance respecting medical certificates for seafarers No.

Amends chapter 6, article 1 concerning reasons for banning ships bound. Ventilation quality of the air, etc.

An Act to amend the Seamen’s Act No. 2912 rules on liability and compulsory insurance. An Act to amend Act No. Competence requirements for auditing and certification of business continuity management systems.


Consolidated text in annex. Amends sections 5, 6 respecting competence to issue rules and 9 appeal procedure. Amends article 5 concerning regulations on rest periods and exceptions to the regulations on rest periods and working hours.


About the parties in shipping company.


Act to amend the Seamen’s Lej No. Amends section 1 concerning the authority’s responsibilities planning, coordinating and implementing Seafarers’ Welfare Convention No. Amends chapter 6, sections 1 obligation to report accidents and 13 authority to make regulations.

Ordinance on the entry into force of the Act Repeals the Ordinance No. Wage and health care due to illness or injury, etc. Suecia – Gente de mar – Ley Act No. Provides rules for the responsibilities of the Swedish Maritime Administration.