Europiccola, designed in and Professional, in , are a sort of mirror of a part of the Italiandesign history. A combination of style, quality and reliability. Models Europiccola and Professional represent the best expression in terms of technology and valuable materials. Pure-gold-plated, they are a precious piece. La Pavoni’s Europiccola EPC-8 Manual Espresso Machine is a classic device that produces up to 8 consecutive high-quality espresso shots at a time.

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You may also like… Add to cart. La Pavoni Europiccola instructions The only thing I can think of is that they must have thought that these units use the pressure and steam from the boiler to make espresso. I guess its a matter of taste. This procedure prevents a vacuum being created above the espresso in the filter basket which usually causes channeling during the pull.


The espresso itself is actually creamy and the crema ooohhh It is a small spring with a metal ball at the end europiccols fits into a venturi mounted on the boiler. The spring is set so that it allows pressure in the boiler to be let off once the unit is up to the appropriate temperature. Hi, These La Pavonis are a well built machine and europicola properly cared for will last for ever.

Well by now you realize that these machines can be quite a challenge. If you go on their website you will see you have many choices.


Europiccola — Paconi V: Domestic LineLever MachinesProfessional. Domestic LineEuropiccolaLever Machines. If the stroke gets choked the lever doesn’t want to go down even with very firm pressure Thoughts on pressure profiling. Wrong; at best you will get 5 or perhaps 6 pulls before the water level gets dangerously low to the heating element.

But my wife thinks I have gone a bit overboard. Perhaps for me it is I have always sent a letter along with them below is one of them to help those that are just becoming manuql with their new friend. Singles can be an amazing shot though, especially when they are pulled with a single origin.

La Pavoni | Professional – PL

Thoughts on pressure profiling. For newbies, it’s probably worthwhile noting that some parts of this guide apply only to older pre-Millenium Pavoni levers.

By now you may realize that I love espresso machines and I love espresso. Video Manuals Lever Machine. I put the portafilter in with an empty basket and lift the lever fully Just for a second or two to let off false pressure, steam, and any impurities that may be on the shower screen.

Europiccola – EL

If you want to know more please visit Cookie Policy. But once you get to know Miss Pavoni, she will make the best espresso you’ve ever had in your life. Perhaps it will be of some use here also If it goes hard, don’t force it, go ahead and wait for the pressure in the grouphead to release and then slowly turn the portafilter handle to relieve the pressure still in the grouphead.


On the single basket I also do the Fellini, at least one mini pull though often two. Once the machine is up to temperature it will be hissing and sputtering a bit that is perfectly normal.

More often than not though I do two Fellini’s and two full pulls. Domestic LineOptionals. What I did; was to go through it and replace all that I have found wrong with it.

On successive pulls you will eeuropiccola two or perhaps three great shots before the grouphead begins to get too hot for good espresso. In layman terms, “It sucks. As I said earlier, if these units are properly cared for they last and last and This machine is largely constructed of cast brass and is built to last.

Aside from the volume issues with the single shots though, it seems that many people don’t use the baskets because singles take a different skill set than a double. So since you already have a bottomless portafilter you can use them.

If the pull is difficult, I only do a half pull and then start on a second pull. For the double basket it varies a little.