Last year I e-published an English translation of Dr. Kirill Yeskov’s The Last Ringbearer. The work got more publicity than I expected thanks first to a story in The. Kirill Yeskov. The Last Ringbearer. © Kirill Yeskov, [email protected] . © Yisroel Markov (English The Last Ring-bearer. 1. Part I – Vae Victis. The Last Ring Bearer cover image. Click images to enlarge. by: Kirill Yeskov. Books with a 0 star rating (0). Publication Date: April 17, Book Size: 6″ x 9″.

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At least it was free. However a fan is many, and there was the one who took the trouble of translating the book into English with author’s personal blessing and guidance.

There are also occasional lapses in style which might be explained by mistakes in translation “I’m a broad, I can foresee Haladdin goes into self-imposed exile and Tzerlag’s descendants pass on the story orally, although the historical record officially contains Aragorn’s version of events.

The style is all over the place. Apr 14, Ross Lockhart rated it it was ok. Yeah, definitely not all it could’ve been.

The demythologizing “historical revisionism” part is grounded on some good ideas, and I mostly liked it. Tolkien ‘s The Lord of the Rings. Jun 18, Bryan Frink rated it really liked it. Umberto, oath of silence? Some commenters complained about bad writing, yesiov diversion away from the main character in the middle. The tale begins by recapping the War of the Ring.

I don’t think I’m ringbeaer to be able to finish this one. Oct 26, Babak Fakhamzadeh rated it it was ok.

Great concept, hampered by a slow middle section. Apr 18, Messages: There is one minor detail in the novel which does give one something to think about. Sadly, this book doesn’t deliver. But, for me there’s a but, because I read the guy’s article about why he wrote it first, and came to like him from that, I read it not as I read a book by a yekov author but something like the way I’d read fanfic written by a friend, with much, much lower expectations, in other words, and on that level I found it clever and funny.


They come from the backwards, superstitious North where ‘magic’ allows them to rule the day, and they are threatened by the advances in science and technology not to mention rational thinking! Arwenbeing years older, holds Aragorn in contempt but uses their marriage to cement Elvish rule over Gondor.

It is an interesting experiment, even if not to my taste. Yeskov, a professional paleontologist whose job is reconstructing long-extinct organisms and their way of life from fossil remnants, performs essentially the same feat in The Last Ring-bearer, reconstructing the real world of Tolkien’s Arda from The Lord of the Rings – the heroic tales of the Free Men of the West written in that world.

It starts off well, with the first third of the book being about two Orc soldiers who eventually ally with a Gondorian noble, all trying to get home. The Last Ring Bearer.

The Last Ring-Bearer by Kirill Yeskov (2 star ratings)

Presumably it isn’t this way in the award-winning original Russian. Science Fiction and Fantasy World. But compared with real books by real writers, not so much. Part III is — as far as I can tell — a largely pointless diversion to Umbar, where Tangorn the Ithilien Ranger mentioned above has to do something to advance the cause. The idea of it – that Lord of the Rings is myth, and that there was a less pleasant and more prosaic truth behind the myth – makes complete sense and works on an intuitive level.

Aragorn being a power hungry scoundrel, and an evil bastard in general. It made Middle Earth seem much deeper and richer in content. Munro rated it did not like it Shelves: The analogy can only ringebarer pushed so far but in this vision, Boromir would be an Achilles figure; Tue would be Odysseus, the trickster; and the Witch King would be Hector?

Print paperbackebook. The runes gave him a hard time; apparently, some e-readers don’t like the way Epub embeds fancy fonts and strip them out or plain refuse to recognize them.

It’s of course a sheer speculation, what Yeskov wrote on what if ‘s and how it could be ‘s, but brilliant nonetheless. Feb 28, Christopher rated it really liked it.


Aporta muy poco a la trama, y el protagonista de la misma es tan insoportable que me hizo dejar el libro abandonado varias veces y desear que alguien lo matara.

Parallel novelhigh fantasydark fantasy. The foundations are solid. Jun 10, Jrubino rated it really liked it Shelves: The Return of the King They are given a mission to try to stop the Elves from dominating middle-earth, so that humans, orcs, and trolls can live peacefully together and progress towards a technological civilization.

There was one theme with which I did resonate, and which made me feel that some book of this sort this wasn’t out of place: His conclusion was that in such a case, the story of the Ring of Power is most likely a much-altered heroic retelling of a major More than 15 years ago Russian scientist Kirill Yeskov tried to settle certain geographical problems in Tolkien’s fantasy world.

Kirill Yeskov’s “The Last Ring-Bearer” translated to English

Some users here may think otherwise – well, I think that speaks much more about said users than about authors they try to denigrate. The story takes place of a wide range of Middle Earth territory, exploring lands and peoples that Tolkien paid little to no attention rinbearer in the original trilogy. April 28th, Like all the best transformational literature, it is a good story in itself, and it inverts and twists your understanding of the original text. Yeskov also has fun with a couple of LotR’s quirks – Faramir kirull Eowyn’s marriage and departure to Ithilien becomes a major part of the plot rather than a simple tying-up of loose ends, while Celeborn’s uselessness compared to the more dynamic Galadriel is also winked at.

We have a pretty good idea how well heroic tales map to reality from our own world. The original is in Russian, by Kirill Rigbearer. Jun 26, Alex rated it really liked it.