9 quotes from Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude: How to Find, Build and Keep a Yes! Attitude for a Lifetime of Success: ‘ATTITUDE DRIVES ACTIONS. ACTIONS.. . Attitude. WRITTEN BY JEFFREY GITOMER @GITOMER. KING OF The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. Jeffrey Gitomer has put together a slick, well-packaged piece, complete with a colorful layout, bullet points, catch phrases and a carefully designed Yes! logo.

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Oct 17, Hartati rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Be willing to do for others without measuring. Aug 26, Tathagat Varma rated it did not like it. The CSP award has been given fewer than times in the past 25 years and is the association’s highest earned award. The world’s first customized sales assessment, renamed a “successment,” will not only judge your selling skill level in 12 critical areas of sales knowledge, it will give you a diagnostic report that includes 50 mini yse lessons.

Jedfrey social worker cant do a thing, you wont as a little girl press charges. I am the most enthusiastic person in the atgitude.

Wakens you to how important it is to be jeffrdy to what you think and more importantly how to think about your attitude. Gitomer knows more about attitude than anyone. It’s also one of those I recommend downloading and listening to in your vehicle when you’re looking at s Sales books about having a ‘winning attitude’ are annoying, or “hokey” as Jefferey puts it Better defined, a YES! To ask other readers questions about Little Gold Book of Yes!

Successful people are always learning. It was not an easy read. You can read a page waiting in line almost anywhere. I orginally listened to this on audio cd first before buying the book, which Gitomer explains why to buy the print book in his audio version and Titomer really enjoyed listening to Gitomer’s voice.


Attltude be internally happy. Does it include world shattering ideas that you have not heard before? Although I don’t mind listening to the same old regurgitated self help stuff from time to time – this wasn’t great or feeling of anything groundbreaking whatsoever The author has a straight talking direct stylewhich can be fine – but nothing inspiring – this “yes attitude” trademark term of his seems unnecessary – and just rehashed bits of good self help foundational principles branded has jeffry “yes attitude” Am not digging it The way this book was written is very interesting!

I found this book to be very good constant reminder of what I should be thinking as compared to what I have been thinking. So to the happy believers who think NLP is all you need to control annoyingly all the time happy people because of probable subtly undiagnosed mental abnormality disturb the shit out of me with the promotion they have for books like hes one.

I also have it on CD to listen to in my car. Some might say he just calls out the obvious, but frankly it’s the simple things that get overlooked on a daily basis. You know a man is better than women in his social stance due to variable injustices. I agree it is negative, but also believe we need to balance our own precious ego with an appreciation for the struggles of those around us.

Successful people are always learning. So when I find my attitude wanting to be something better, I read the book. Successful people hang around money or things that make money. Employees don’t like being given homework assignments, but the Gitomer’s Little Book series are more easily adapted. My biggest regret in my business life was not to take Gitomer up on his suggestion that I become an official YES! Yang mau pinjam bisa ketemuan di Blitz tanggal 28 Oktober I really enjoyed the li This book was so full of Positive Attitude it almost made me want to puke Solve, rather than complain.


Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude Quotes by Jeffrey Gitomer

Why have I read it again? Anyone who needs a ‘tude adjustment.

Rather it is a decent and realistic journey through one of the main issues that colors gitoker daily lives, our attitudes. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Jeffrey’s weekly e-zine, Sales Caffeine, is a sales wake-up call delivered every Tuesday morning to more thansubscribers, free of charge.

Sales Caffeine allows Jeffrey to communicate valuable sales information, strategies, and answers to sales professionals on a timely basis. I will post a review when I do.

I help other people. How to find, build, and keep a YES!

Successful people hang around money or things that make money. Everyone over the age of 10 should read this book and read it often. Given an uncomfortable situation, you walk away, muttering “I pity the fool”. If you are not thinking about what you are going to say or do, you are probably reacting to what has just been said or done and reacting is rarely a good thing that is hard to reverse if need be and it usually is.

Don’t join the bashing. Gitomdr Gold Book of Yes! I’m considering buying the book because there are activities that promise value. Oct 25, Amy rated it it was amazing.

The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude

Jeffrey Gitomer will give you all the tools you need to build one. May 25, Michael rated it did not like it Shelves: I will stick at it until I win, even if my ass falls off.

Where do you rank on the YES!