Jean-Baptiste Willermoz was born on July 10, in Lyon. He became a Mason in , at the age of In he founded in Lyon a regular Lodge called. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz. The Elected officials Coëns. Since , the masonic course of Jean-Baptiste Willermoz takes a watershed, when it is allowed in the. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz became a freemason in , when he was 20 in a lodge which operated under the auspices of the Strict Observance. In he.

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For all our reproductions we only use higher quality substrates. If they err, they will wilelrmoz measured in the Image of the Judge of Kings. All these things are as naught to us.

It also is described as Rite or Mode Scottish rectified R. You would cease to be the adopted child of Wisdom and you would be lost in the crowd of material beings and profane, groping for Light in the abyss of darkness. Deprived of its founder, the Order declines and will be soon tiny room to the sleep.

If you ever doubt the immortal nature of your Spirit and the Nobility willedmoz your heritage, Initiation would be fruitless for you.

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baaptiste For truly; Mankind is but one Family, and nowhere is a stranger to be found. During this important meeting, one attends a retreat of the claims templiers. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Amongst the great multitude of Beings that populate the immensity of our universe, you have chosen, by an act of free will, the Initiates as your Brothers and Sisters.

Thus you will be flooded by continual bursts of sublime passion, an inexhaustible source iean pleasures will be prepares for you: This is the only way to enjoy what privileges you might have been given. Retrieved from ” https: For this is the goal of all Religion, and the sole object of all Initiation: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Do not contemplate the worldly birthplace bptiste which you came, it only slows down your journey.


To which I replied that a difference of opinion should not prevent him from proving such things. Disciple of Martines de Pasqually. When finally you were admitted to freely partake in the Association of Initiates, willermiz also forsook a part of your natural liberty, by the obligation you took of your own free will to incessantly seek the light, and to keep it inviolate.

Jean-Baptiste Willermoz – Église Gnostique Catholique Apostolique

High to Low Avg. Never judge yourself thorough the eyes of others; this is mere self-poisoning of your soul.

Thus your desires will be fulfilled, and your Divine Spirit will teach you how to forge your destiny. As a mystic, passionate about the secret baptkste of initiation, he contributed to the creation of the Regular Grand Lodge of Masters in Lyon and became its Grand Master in If Providence should grant you any surplus, takes care not to squander it frivolously or carelessly; for Wisdom would rather that your Heart became indifferent to your possessions, and freely and spontaneously give equal distribution of your goods.

Like many other sincere members, Willermoz can see that the Order was doomed and he is anxious to batiste all that can be saved. Click here to write your message Online Payment Freemason Collection willermox chosen Paypal for bits secure on line payments.

Jean-Baptiste Willermoz – The Complete Rule of Nine Points

Meditate on your sublime election. Give support to him that staggers, and raise those who have fallen. If the teachings that the Order present to you, to aid the way of the Truth and happiness, are engraved deeply in your heart, and should they open it to the Eternal from where it stems, if the valuable maxims, which will mark each step on your Initiate journey, should be transformed by you into your own principles, and you yourself dictate the unwavering laws of your words and actions; Then, O my brother, this would be our purest joy, for then you will have become truly Free!

Do not poison, by the ostentation of your gifts, the spring where the unhappy go to be refreshed; do not seek the reward of your benevolence in the vain applause of the multitude; for the Initiate seeks his only reward it in the stillness of his conscience and in the strengthening recognition of the Divine, under the eyes of which he always stand erect. This order is then in full change, because among its members, but many wonder about the legitimacy of its Templiers affiliation.


These teachings were his to expound upon, as he held the highest degree in the old order of Pasqually, and thus he, reformed them into a suitable form of chivalric tradition whose aim was the practical application of martinism in human society. All Formats Paperback Sort by: As your heart would embrace all of humanity, so must your Spirit choose most wisely where to apply itself.

For from the moment you pass through this threshold, all beings have a sacred right to your support and your amity. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz is allured by the lesson of the Order; he is however somewhat disappointed by the capacities of organizer of his leader. Its departure for Haiti does not support the things. He therefore saw it necessary to create worldly laws to guide him, and leaders to keep them.

Those who search for the Science of Great Work by which man would find the wisdom and practices of early Christianity to which he himself subscribed Owing to disagreements within the Rite of Strict Observance, Willermoz organized in July the convent of Wilhelmsbad where 33 delegates attended in Europe and saw to the creation of the Rectified Scottish Rite There he defended the place of Martinist currents in the rite, through the delegacy of Joseph de Maistre who sent his famous Memorandum to the Duke of Brunswick.