Julie Kagawa’s bestselling series The Iron Fey captivated the imagination–and hearts–of readers of all ages with its mix of magic, fantasy and romance. And now, as Meghan and her long awaited Prince Ash celebrate their new found union, the prophecy begins to stir. Find out the deepest secrets of Julie Kagawa. NYT/USA Today/international bestselling YA author Julie Kagawa has hit it out of the Iron’s Prophecy, by New York Times bestselling author Julie Kagawa.

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Kindle Edition67 pages. Oct 28, Irena rated it really liked it.

Iron’s Prophecy

I was so tired of “yes my queen,” “anything you wish my queen” But this is still chock-full of Ash lines that will make you melt. There is a slim chance he will unite them since he will have the …more Keirran Ash and Meghan’s son might become evil and destroy both of the courts.

Jun 27, Sophie rated it really liked it Shelves: Love the dynamic between the three friends and seeing the relationship between the hero and heroine mature. Although, I dont like seeing Ash so submissive. I’m all about powerful females, but please, PLEASE don’t emasculate the male to make the female seem even more powerful.

View all 6 comments. Reading this made me realize how much I’ve missed Ash and Meghan. I have nothing to say about this book. My heart fluttered as I read of the affection As First off, I would like to thank Julie Kagawa for giving us this novella, in which we get to have a glimpse into Meghan and Ash’s life together!!!


That was another frustration of mine. The previous book, Iron Knight, was the best out of the whole series for me. As they’re walking through a crowd of Unseelie who seem to question their power she has a change juie heart. So much Ash and Meghan in this novella.

The Iron Fey 7 books.

This was another that sat on my to read list for far too long before I finally had the chance to pick them up. I understand that it is setting up plot lines for the next trio of books but ugh, it was really a non-event.

All I could think was “OMG! It also answers a lot of questions I had during the Lost Prince, so I kinda wish I’d read this first!

Iron’s Prophecy (Iron Fey) by Julie Kagawa

I’ll have to go back and read that quote again where Ash pledges his undying loyalty to Meghan. Iron’s Prophecy The Iron Fey 4. In my head I could hear Ash being like “Thank you my Iron Queen for allowing me to prove my manhood is still intact and I am indeed worthy to stand by your side. He actually made his own decisions and did what he wanted to do, not what he was told to do. There’s really pro;hecy Happily Ever After without a dark twist.

I’m really going to prophfcy to re-read The Iron Fey series in order to satiate this longing that I feel. You and Meghan have to stay strong because you’re a OMG!!! But I’m just going to leave a little letter here to Julie Kagawa: It gave us one last little adventure about all our of our favorite characters and let us see how adorable their real relationship is: Her wishes are mine.


It just gave us a tiny peek at life after Iron Knight with a bunch of hogwash surrounding that.

Lists with This Book. I will miss Puck’s pranks and funny moments.

I couldn’t pause between books to see which one went where. Call of the Forgotten, 3 This review can be found on my blog: Just when I was finally okay with letting these characters go, I read Iron Prophecy and all I want is to read about them even more! She made the obvious choice, but propehcy that futures aren’t set in stone, it makes sense.

Julie Kagawa Archives – Agent Savant Agent Savant

You and ice-boy look fine to me, and the Nevernever isn’t crumbling around us. Iroon married in this book, but at times it didn’t feel that way. And I just love Julie Kagawa for writing this series in the first place. If you haven’t read this one yet, it’s a good lead in to what happens next.

Wow, making warnings is not as easy as it sounds!

What an awful prophecy.