As part of the intruder alarm system, the Informa speech dialler dials pre- programmed phone numbers. It then plays recorded voice messages to alert someone. Honeywell 8EPA Informa White Speech Dialler: : Electronics. GSM 2G AUTO DIALER – ADT/VISONIC /HONEYWELL/UTC COMPATIBLE. The Informa is a Speech Dialler for use with intruder alarm systems. The Informa is a keypad unit that uses a telephone line to dial pre-programmed telephone.

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Message 1 ajtodialer the location message and Messages 2, 3 and 4 are alarm messages. The Informa may be connected to the telephone network by either of the two methods below: Start display at page:. Secure both of these cables to the nearest cable clamp using the cable clamp strap removed earlier.


Clear Used to edit numbers when pre-dialling or when More information. Determine the position for the Hands-free phone in the elevator phone. The intruder alarm has been activated. When the control panel recognises an alarm it will trigger the Informa. One-touch dial memory buttons Allows you to. On no account should any other type of cable be used.

After a short interval the Informa will replay the selected message. It may be necessary to use a special IDT termination tool to do this securely. The Informa sounds a fast double-beep to confirm that the new code has been recorded. The state of the inputs is displayed on the LEDs. Your Informa will return to the factory setting.


If two different alarms have occurred, both. Use the two small self-tapping screws to fasten the clamp strap across the two cables. Acknowledgement Instructions Contact your Installer details below When you answer a call from an Informa, listen Company: Servicing Organisation Installer name: Packs Infotel Limited M Refer also to the Quick Reference on page 17 of this guide.

How to unset system in alarm. There is” The alarm message can be: Any of these can be used to trigger the Informa, causing it to communicate its message in the event of an alarm. Copyright Packs Infotel Limitedall rights reserved. Attack PA and Fire. Message Acknowledgement The recipient must always acknowledge the call made by the Informa in order to terminate its dialling sequence. The Informa calls each number in sequence, so.

Connect the Informa to the panel. Morristown Area Code Supplied with telephone lead for easy installation. Before Operating Your Alarm System One-touch dial memory buttons Allows you to More information. In this case the wiring is reversed, and the inputs are connected to -ve.

It can communicate an alarm message to a single number, where the number called depends upon the type of alarm that has occurred non-sequential dialling.

The Active 5 is a microprocessor controlled intruder alarm panel. Connect trigger IP1 to the bell output of the panel.

Honeywell Informa speech autodialler

AD If you would like to order Skylink s products or have difficulty getting them to work or download information and user manual, please:. Non-sequential dialling This function is based on the type of alarm. Due to the implementation of the autodialre EN series More information.


If the Informa receives a valid acknowledgement it hangs up the line and lights all four LEDs steadily.

It will not accept any telephone number starting with or Response telephone and answering machine. Listen for the acknowledge signal. This has a single-strand conductor of 0. Understanding the Keypad LEDs Commercial fire and burglary partitioned security system with scheduling 64 pages.

Revision 1 Copyright JM Precision If the location message plus the Alarm message equals 15 seconds, then the Message Timeout setting should be 30 seconds. The Informa will only be triggered by the bell when the panel has been set.

The Informa sounds two fast beeps to confirm the new setup. Connect one end of the telephone cable to the Informa terminals labelled Autodialler and B. User guide Edition 4 26 March 97 Response telephone and answering machine User guide At a glance Directory label For autodialre a note of numbers stored in the memories. Three of these numbers are permanently stored via the Engineer program in the NVM. Changing the Customer Code [8] Access to the customer menu, for the programming infomra messages and telephone numbers, is protected by a four-digit code.

The Accenta Gen 4 has a dedicated communicator or programmable communicator outputs. Honeywell tuxedo touch series home automation system 48 pages.