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certificate of departure (IMM );; immigrant visa and record of landing (IMM )/confirmation of permanent residence (IMM );; visitor record (IMM );. i only have the PR card and i do not remember that i was given the IMM or IMM can any one advice me if i can apply for the. Immigrant Visa and Record of Landing (IMM ); Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM or IMM ). Instead, fill out the.

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New Permanent Residents would continue to receive their official status documents via mail. Jan 26th8: Officers would also need to note that the scanning process requires the paper to correspond to a standard size.

The authorities have effected some changes from February 04, In these circumstances, they would need to present the Client Copy of the IMM along with the passport. The CIC aims to facilitate and promote the use of plain paper documents. Your Permanent Resident Card number is located in the top left corner on the back of your card. I never got an annoying sheet of A4 stapled into my passport I don’t want to send it all off and then lose my fee and 5 months At the indicated place on the CIC Copy, the issuing office would continue to mount a photo of the holder.

Jan 21st Officers granting Permanent Resident PR status would need to fulfill certain responsibilities.

As we done our application through an immigration lawyer, when our passports came back with our visa in them, they went to her.


This is required for the production of the Permanent Resident PR card. You will find this number in the remarks ; section on the bottom right of the Record of Landing document issued to you by a Citizenship and Immigration Canada office or by the visa office where you submitted your application.

You will find this lmm, also referred to as an Application Numberon any official document issued to you from the visa office where you submitted your application.

The Distribution Process As has been mentioned earlier, the processing would take place at: In addition, they would also need to check that no one has stapled the photo to the form.

Originally Posted by Siouxie. This change would be applicable to cases: Find More Posts by Idomeneus. Jan 27th1: I wasn’t told when I obtained PR that the COPR, which just looked like a poorly photocopied receipt, would be needed for anything else. As has been mentioned it is required for Citizenship apps, plus, and this I find highly amusing given the length of time some people could potentially have to keep it that you need it for pension claims.

Your Record of Landing number starts with 592 W ; followed by nine numbers.

What immigration documents can I have replaced if they are lost, stolen or destroyed?

Therefore, officers would need to apply a photo patch with double-sided tape to the form. Thanks so much, Allie.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The authorities have designated this new document as the IMM PMM, 592 do you know it is the shiny visa? You will find this number on all correspondence except for the initial acknowledgement letter mailed to you by the Case Processing Centre in Sydney or by the local Citizenship and Immigration Canada office processing your application. The Permanent Resident Card number starts with two 2 letters followed by ten 10 numbers Example: Officers would need to note that the authorities have made no changes to the specifications for the client photo.


IMM – what does it look like? – British Expats

ikm Therefore, officers would need to ensure that no one folds the documents. This effectively hints at an extended transition period, where both of these documents would be in place for the documentation of new Permanent Residents PRs. At CPC Sydney, officers undertake a quality review. This would also serve to reduce the waste generated.

They don’t always staple them into your passport Ijm never were. Identification Number Each identification type will have its own unique identification number. BB code is On.

This number is all digits Example: Originally Posted by the undutchables. They would need to:.

What immigration documents can I have replaced if they are lost, stolen or destroyed?

Jan 27th7: This would help avoid any complications during the scanning process. These correspond to relevant client data. Find More Posts by Zoe Bell. So could anyone scan in their IMM blanking out their names and other personal info of course so that I could see if I even vaguely recognize it?

There isn’t a number on it You will find this number on the acknowledgement letter that Citizenship and Immigration Canada sent to you.

Free Canadian Immigration Evaluation.