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That approach 172 internally driven research and development efforts by our InterDigital Labs unit, as well as externally focused efforts by our Innovation Partners unit. In addition, if we fail to renegotiate and renew our license agreements at all, we could lose existing licensees, and our revenue and cash flow could be materially adversely affected.


The motion is fully briefed and remains pending. Related Delaware District Court Proceeding. Products incorporating our patented inventions include: We invest significant resources in the development of advanced wireless technology and related solutions.

On June 2,Iddc responded in support ifcc the motion as to the addition of MMO to the investigation but opposed the motion to the extent it sought termination of the investigation as to Nokia Corp.

We believe that licenses under a number of our patents are required to manufacture and sell 2G, 3G and 4G products.


Delays may have adverse financial effects and may allow competitors with comparable technology offerings to gain an advantage over us in the marketplace or in the standards setting arena. In addition, our new technology offerings may require robust ecosystems of customers and service provides that 172 fail to materialize.

On January 14,InterDigital and Huawei filed a stipulation of dismissal of their disputes in this action on account of the confidential settlement agreement mentioned above. The market price for our common stock is volatile and may fluctuate significantly in response to a number of factors, most of which we cannot control, including: Certain of these markets may continue to idcc at a slower rate or pace than we expect and may be of a smaller size than we expect.

On July 8,oppositions to the petitions were filed. If the option counterparty becomes subject to insolvency proceedings, we will become an unsecured creditor in those proceedings with a claim equal to our exposure at that time under the convertible 17702 hedge transactions. The unit also evaluated and engaged in targeted acquisitions and investments in areas that are complementary to InterDigital Labs’ main research areas.


In order to grant a patent license for any such products, we will need to extend or modify our patent 1720 agreements or enter into new license agreements with such licensees. The final evidentiary hearing is scheduled to take place July Our revenue and cash flow are dependent upon our licensees’ sales and market conditions and other factors that 17002 beyond our control or are difficult to forecast.

The Commission assigned the investigation to an ALJ for limited remand proceedings consistent with its February 12, opinion. In a patent infringement lawsuit, we would typically seek damages for past infringement and an injunction against idcv infringement. As a result of enforcing our patents, we could be subject to significant legal fees and costs, idxc the costs and fees of opposing counsel in certain jurisdictions if we are unsuccessful.

The market for such talent in our industry is extremely competitive. On January 10,the Federal Circuit denied Nokia’s petition. We face challenges in entering into new patent license agreements. Issued patents expire at differing times ranging from through We need to monitor these services adequately in order to iscc that we do not incur significant expenses without generating corresponding revenues.

We expect that, for the most part, new license agreements will follow this model. These initiatives currently consist of: Given our long history and focus on advanced research and development, InterDigital has one of the most significant patent portfolios in the wireless industry. In addition, market data upon which we rely is based on third party reports that may idccc inaccurate. Most strategic investments entail a high degree of risk and will not become liquid for a period of time, if at all.

Market projections and data are forward-looking in nature. We have also developed and patented innovative CDMA technology solutions.

Some of our TDMA inventions include or relate to: However, the dividend policy and the payment and timing of future cash dividends under the policy are subject to the final determination each quarter by our Board of Directors that i the dividend will be made icc compliance with laws applicable to the declaration and payment of cash dividends, including Section b of the Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law, and ii the policy remains in our best interests, which determination idcf be based on a number of factors, including our earnings, financial condition, capital resources and capital requirements, alternative uses of capital, restrictions imposed by any existing debt, economic conditions and other factors considered relevant by the Board of Idccc.


Huawei sought a schedule for discovery and trial on its FRAND-related counterclaims that would afford Huawei the opportunity to accept a FRAND license rate at the earliest idcf, and in any case before December 28, Establish and grow our patent-based revenue. InterDigital continues to assert seven U. These provisions could limit the price that some investors might be willing to pay in 7102 future for shares of our common stock and could have the effect of discouraging delaying or preventing an acquisition of us by a third party.

The Delaware District Court complaint seeks a permanent injunction and 102 damages in an amount to be determined, as well as enhanced damages based on willful infringement, and recovery of reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. InterDigital opposed the motion on January 2, Our investments in new commercial initiatives may not generate meaningful revenues.

Domestic and foreign antitrust and other regulatory authorities, such as China’s National Development and Reform Commission and Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission, have increased their scrutiny of the use of standards-essential patents in the mobile wireless industry, including the enforcement of such patents against competitors. On December 6,Samsung moved for partial summary determination that Samsung does not infringe U. Consolidation in the wireless communications industry could adversely affect our business.

InterDigital filed an appeal of this decision on September 26, Our strategy to diversify our patent-based revenue by pursuing alternative patent licensing arrangements and patent sales may not be successful.

In addition, third parties could commence litigation against us seeking to invalidate our patents or obtain a determination that our patents are not infringed, are not essential, are invalid or are unenforceable.