Herba Centellae consists of the dried aerial parts or the entire plant of Centella ghortapre, gotu kola, gotukola, herba pegagan, herba kakikuda, hydrocotyle. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Mar 25, , Islamiyah Neda Rahayu and others published UJI EFEK HEPATOPROTEKTIF INFUS HERBA. Mubarokah A. Uji efek sedatif ekstrak metanol herba pegagan (centella asiatica) terhadap mencit putih jantan dengan metode potensiasi.

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Pegagan gajah

Heavy metals Recommended lead and cadmium levels are not more than 10 and 0. Farnsworth NR, Bunyapraphatsara N, eds. Contact dermatitis, For other pesticides, see WHO guidelines on quality control methods for medicinal plants 12 and guidelines for predicting dietary intake of pesticide residues Therapie, Influence of asiatic acid, madecassic acid, and asiaticoside on human collagen I synthesis.

Clinical pharmacology In clinical trials, an extract of C.

For preparation of decoction: Science and culture, Chemical tests, and tests for drug interactions and moisture to be established by national authorities. Warnings No information available.

WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants – Volume 1: Herba Centellae

Poultices have been used to treat contusions, closed fractures, sprains, and furunculosis 7. Derivatives of Centella asiatica used against leprosy. Oxygen dressings and asiaticoside in the treatment of burns. Oral administration of C. Pesticide residues To be established in accordance with national requirements. Therapy of albinism, anaemia, asthma, bronchitis, cellulite, cholera, measles, constipation, dermatitis, diarrhoea, dizziness, dysentery, dysmenorrhoea, dysuria, epistaxis, epilepsy, haematemesis, haemorrhoids, hepatitis, hypertension, jaundice, leukorrhoea, nephritis, nervous disorders, neuralgia, rheumatism, smallpox, syphilis, toothache, urethritis, and varices; and as an antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and “brain tonic” agent 457.


Package in well-closed, light-resistant containers. Stems long, prostrate, emerging from the leaf-axils of a vertical rootstock, filiform, often reddish, with long internodes and rooting at the nodes; leaves thin, long-petioled, several from the rootstock and 1—3 from each node of the stems, 1.

Pharmacology Experimental pharmacology The pharmacological activity of Centella asiatica is thought to be due to several saponin constituents, including asiaticoside, asiatic acid, and madecassic acid Hedba plants in Viet Nam. A standardized extract of Herba Centellae was reported to treat ulcus cruris indolent leg ulcers effectively in clinical trials 34 Local application of an extract of the drug to second- and third-degree burns expedited healing, prevented the shrinking and swelling caused by infection, and further inhibited hypertrophic scar formation It has further been proposed that asiaticoside interferes with scar formation by increasing the activity of myofibroblasts and immature collagen Allergic contact dermatitis has been associated with topical application of Berba.

Stimulation of collagen synthesis in foreskin fibroblast monolayer cultures by an extract from Herba Centellae has also been reported Medicinal uses Uses supported by clinical data Treatment of wounds, burns, and ulcerous skin ailments, and pdgagan of keloid and hypertrophic scars 1018— Medicinal plants of IndiaVol. Boiteau P, Ratsimamanga AR.


Alcohol-soluble extractive Not less than 9. Apiaceae are also known as Umbelliferae. Organoleptic properties Colour, greyish green; odour, characteristic; taste, slightly bittersweet 45. Martindalethe extra pharmacopoeiapegsgan ed.

Indian journal of experimental biology, Studies on some plants used as anticonvulsants in Amerindian and African traditional medicine. Extract of Herba Centellae effectively treated stress-induced stomach pegagqn duodenal ulcers in humans 10 Radioactive residues For analysis of strontium, iodine, caesium, caesium, and plutonium, see WHO guidelines on quality control methods for medicinal plants Effects of plant extract Centella asiatica L.

British herbal pharmacopoeia, Part 2.

London, British Herbal Medicine Association, Recommended lead and cadmium levels are not more than 10 and 0. Allergic contact dermatitis from a cream containing Centella asiatica extract. Clinical studies of Herba Centellae in the treatment of various venous disorders has demonstrated a positive therapeutic effect