I set my ID number and locked myself out of my 12Z, can you tell me how to reset this?. Enter the Futaba 12Z, a channel computer radio priced for consideration by the serious R/C hobbyist, sporting a feature list which covers the. FUTR12ZH Futaba 12Z Channel GHz Tx/Rx Heli Mode 2.

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A typical menu screen is shown selection, frequency setting, end point setting, and below. The last condition becomes the you want to change of the condition name, highest priority. It turns out the core idea is actually very simple. If you like to hear those beeps every minute while you are flying, you probably won’t hear them with the FG.

Also, with a USB interface a Tx could be easily updated or even diagnosed online. Tags Add Your Tags: At first glance it is hard to understand why some things are in the “Linkage” menu and other things are in the “Model” menu. Each model remembers its frequency and modulation settings, making guesswork a thing of the past. I will be sure to write about the results in my blog.

I haven’t really looked at the 14MZ but I do know the differences. As an example Trim Mix 1 can be set up for switch can be linked to a stick, etc.

It was trivial to tell the radio that I wanted Ailerons, Elevator, Throttle, and Rudder on channels 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. With the 9C the user has to dial in the channel on the back of the radio. Up, down, left, and right movements are possible. To add new models or to call a model already set, use the Model Select function of the Linkage Menu. We apologize for this inconvenience.


BP-2F2500: 7.4v 2500mAh Li-ION battery for Futaba 12Z 12ZAP 14MZ 14MZAP

And maybe I’ll start getting younger soon. I would normally be very excited about this new radio, but with 2.

Selecting the model’s name from the main menu takes the user to the “Model Select” menu. The operation speed can be set in 2 ranges of slow speed flight and high speed operated as a safety function by setting 2 switches. Good thing because I too want one. If the battery fully discharges during During writing, the bar graph moves to the right. I had heard they were killing the 12Z, the 14MZ would take the 2 spot, and there would be a replacement at the top of the Futaba food chain.

It seems more and more I see posts about people wanting 50Mhz Tx and Rxs. Page 13 Mount the antenna by turning it clockwise until turns to pink color.

Futaba 12Z GHz FASST Airplane Radio – RC Groups

Curve setting operation This section describes the setting procedure of curves which are used with the AFR function and each Curve type selection Curve type selection 1. There just isn’t anything on the market that can compete with it feature-for-feature except its big brother, the 14MZ. If you appreciate touch screens then go for the 14MZ and don’t look back.


Other than appearance and the couple minor features are there any real differences? Up to 17 curve the setup screen shown below by pushing the Currently selected condition name enter button.

This is a great feature for complicated set ups. If you have purchased this dutaba from an exporter outside your own country and not the authorized Futaba dis- tributor in your country, please contact the seller immediately to determine if such export regulations have been met.


Perhaps that adds a bit of bling factor the fact that its shiny Originally Posted by nakia. I think my new 10C looks much more high tech than the 12FG and when I compared the features of these two FG vs the 10C I didn’t futab it was worth the extra bucks. If you fly at least once a week you will appreciate the feel of the 12Z. Jan 09, To print the manual completely, please, download it. I plan to use one of these radios as my primary radio for several years to come, so reliability and ease of use are major factors for me.

Setting this reversal at the hardware level is easier than do it for every model. Each time you press a trim button, the trim position moves one step. For example, a model may need a programmable mix and a programmable rate during landing and takeoff, but not during cruise.

The supplied Lithium Ion pack is great. Unfortunately Futaba opted to put the “select” function on the jog dial. For Product Assistance Please Call Li-Ion batteries require special charging criteria different than other rechargeable batteries.

The Model Select function of the Linkage Menu is used to add models and to select models which are already set. Trim mix function call can be linked to a stick, For a description of the setting method, see Page of Go. The 14MZ has it. Is the programming different? It will prevent the engine furaba racing dangerously when adjusting the Idle-Up settings.