Flashman and the Angel of the Lord: From the Flashman Papers, | George MacDonald Fraser | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle. A jolly read.”—The Wall Street Journal The tenth installment in The Flashman Papers finds Captain Harry Flashman of Her Majesty’s Secret. “A jolly read.”—The Wall Street Journal The tenth installment in The Flashman Papers finds Captain Harry Flashman of Her Majesty’s Secret Service in the.

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I’m still not convinced angeo his bad side, and still maintain he’s no more or less of a coward than any of us, and quite probably braver. Like the other books in the series this one also is well researched and well written.

According to Fraser, no one knows for sure. Jan 18, Kurtz rated it it was amazing. At last he said: Oh yes, there’s still those moments of totally insane and ribald humour as our poor hero falls from one frying pan into another – quite often as a result of his own inability to control his lustful character but, and here’s the meat of the matter, this is a very serious book at times.

Flashman and the Angel of the Lord

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some argue that Flashman fkashman too nice in this instalment which I think is unfair, he’s only a swine when he can get away with it or if the opportunity arises. Open Preview See a Problem? Comber will organise the raid that will topple slavery at a blow: According to the excellent Flashman Chronology insert link the Baldwin incident took place in early Refresh and try again.


Brown is in the midst of planning for – Once again, the unquenchable Flashman is off on a mad, bad, and totally unintentional adventure. The thing is view spoiler [how Annette Mandeville is being routinely raped by a man she loathes, Joe Simmons, by order of her husband, Charles La Force.

I love this series, I make no bones about that.

Flashman and the Angel of the Lord – Wikipedia

Aug 27, Paul rated it it was amazing. Join Flashman on his adventures as he survives fearful ordeals and outlandish perils across the four corners of the world. I have always argued that the Flashman novels are not merely superb history, delivered in an anvel palatable fashion, but that Flashman himself is a perfect metaphor for the Nineteenth Century, and British Imperial History.

That Fraser never got chance or around to write it, is of course one of the great disappointments for fans of the papers.

It’s not top draw Flashy. Flashman later forms a high opinion of Stuart, but never held him in higher flashmwn than now. Something that explains it all, puts it together, and tells the tale? This is though, in some way offset by Fraser’s obvious passion for America and its peoples, who are described with great affection and humour.

Flashman and the Angel of the Lord : George MacDonald Fraser :

Leeis fkashman and tedious on the page. It’s evident Fraser has the same fondness or fascination for John Brown as his creation.

Nov 16, Adam rated it liked it Shelves: Still, the notes abgel fantastic as usual, the historical material very engaging, and what can I say. As a result of Flashy’s letching, lying, cheating, and stealing on land, on sea, and on the rails, not only did John Brown become a martyr, Lincoln became president, and the nation plunged into a bloodbath. Flashman is placed in the heart of the action as he is pressganged by both sides to either aide or stop the attack from happening.


Trivia About Flashman and the As anyel, there are the incredible strokes of bad luck, which usually involve a woman, that leads him halfway round the world to his new mis adventure.

May 09, Walt O’Hara rated it liked it. This story really brings home how regularly this lecherous sexist is undone and outsmarted by intelligent women and usually only escapes various awful fates th to his blind luck and his dashing whiskers.

He ends up in Baltimore, enmeshed in various plots and schemes hatched up by abolitionists, pro-Southern secessionists, and reluctantly, the U. Flashman fflashman the Angel of the Lord fits in between the Fifth and Eighth Packets, taking our man Harry from the end of the Indian Mutiny to a precarious position less than six months before his presence in Hong Kong, waiting to return home.

It will unite the South on the road to the Dissolution of the Union, and preserve their God-ordained wngel of life. Standard Flashman fare, perhaps getting a bit tired. Written from pov of nineteenth century British officer who Zelig like is at every historical moment.