Bellarius looks back to with the novel Fire Warrior, written by Simon Spurrier and published by Black Library. “A strongly written and. Fire Warrior by Simon Spurrier – book cover, description, publication history. SIMON SPURRIER. FIRE WARRIOR. (Warhammer 40,). It is the 41st millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor has sat immobile on the.

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Though most of act two is skippable. Refresh and try again. I had heard of the game before having read this, I suspected it was based off of the game, but I actually approached it from the view that it preceded the game.

Fire Warrior

Effectively bringing about the presence of every faction he needs to carry out his plans and having them play their role exactly when he needs them to. For whatever reason, his work normally is not to my liking.

First off, the overall story is a good one. He considers how this spirrier upon human dominance in the galaxy and realises with each ship that is destroyed the Tau fleet is effectively committing a form of genocide. Spurrior does an excellent job making Tau culture different than Imperium culture and I really enjoyed reading about Tau battlesuits.


When one powerful Ethereal crash lands behind Imperial lines, the young Fire Warrior is sent to rescue him. To see what your friends thought of ximon book, please sign up. It felt like some sort of dark goth techno video springing to life. Feb 10, Erin rated it it was spurrisr. Perhaps the best example of this is Tikoloshe, an insane dreadnought Kais encounters while fleeing a stricken vessel.

Fire Warrior by Simon Spurrier – Book Review [Bellarius] « Black Library « The Founding Fields

Lists with This Book. Compare this with WWII games, or worse, ancient history where the opposing sides are pre-determined.

The books adds much more detail spurier both sides. Despite having only written a handful of books for Black Library Spurrier shows distinct skill when writing about the Warhammer universe.

I enjoyed it but would not call it great. As the body count rises Kais begins to question the driving ideology of his people and realises just how unforgiving the universe truly is. Now now wait just a second! Jan 15, Michael T Bradley rated it liked it. Feb 11, Kelton rated it it was amazing. Well worth your money and a must buy for any devoted Tau warrlor.

As a WH40K fluff fan i loved this book. These are not used in the waerior way authors like Graham McNeill would, to give events greater scope, but are instead utilised to give the book more flavour. This is my favourite out of shadowsun and farsight only because I’ve read it 3 times and the others I’ve yet to come back to. I hope for more Tau books and keep my fingers crosses that Kais will reappear in future novels. Why its rating here is so low, I honestly have no idea, although I suspect that Space Aarrior fanatics have downvoted the rating, like it happened with the Eldar Path novel series.


Can they make each faction seem real, as opposed to yet-another-army to fight the spurirer Far from the best SF I’ve read.

It just seems to lack that storytelling spark authors like Ben Counter have when writing about ancient Chaotic aspects of the Warhammer universe. Jamie Keeling rated it it was amazing Warriot 06, Even the ending took a twist I was not expecting. It is talked about as being a serious threat, a corrupting power in its own right. MegaSolipsist rated it it was amazing Apr 17,