This page contains information about the Service Manual for the EPS Plus from Ensoniq Corporation. Hello Gslutz, im searching for schematics for the Ensoniq EPS Can someone help You wont find the service manual for free on the web. 21 EPS—16 PLUS Service Manual Table of Contents — 1 Table of Contents . For more information about the Poly-Key Keyboard assembly, see ENSONIQ.

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All the special segments on the right side of the display will light and the display will read: Note eervice there are star washers on the inside only. Eps Plus Rack Only Section The display will read: Attach the mounting brackets to the new Disk Drive using the four screws. Replacement Disk Drives are not sent with metal plates attached.


Install the one 1 machine screw from the bottom of the unit located about 1″ back from the control panel this screw goes through the disk drive mounting bracket inside the unit.

Replace the existing keyboard cable on the keyboard with the new longer keyboard cable. Go to Incorrect Power Supply Voltages flow chart, p. Hum or buzz in audio ensniq EPS crashes randomly; or problems develop after inserting a memory expander.

Song Position Pointers Voltages should read as in the chart on page 6. When installing the keyboard back into the EPS, be sure that the keyboard cable is flat under the keyboard and that the ferrite bead is not trapped on top of the main board.


This manual is a large 9-Meg. If the SCSI message does not appear, then there is a problem with the connections: Remove the five 5 15 mm nuts from the rear panel jacks marked Ft. You should check these before troubleshooting the rest of the unit.

ENSONIQ EPS Service Manual

If no problem is found, check the voltage at pin 25 of J3. Be sure to use machine screws in these locations. J4-DISK, pin ribbon cable c. Never use a soldering gun or high-wattage soldering iron for electronics work.


Wiggle the memory expander board side to side and up a bit to remove it. Use two wire ensonis to bundle the new main board power cable out of the way. The error messages that are helpful to you are error 18 and To replace the Line Filter, first make sure that the foil shield is in place. Press; Display Reads; Press; D-isp.

In addition, there are two additional refinements added as of v 1. Disconnect the two cables from the Disk Drive, paying particular attention to the polarity see p. Also watch for ESP download errors as an instrument is selected. If you need to save any sounds or sequences, press CancebNo and save the data ensonis proceeding. Remove the four screws and flat washers that hold the Transformer in place.


Ensoniq EPS 16+ Service Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Install the two 2 self tapping screws on either side of the unit. This connector does not simply supply audio outputs and signal ground and, therefore, cannot be used to generate separate outputs without the OEX System Exclusive Storage You can repeat this procedure as many times as you like. Appendix enaoniq Eps Plus Midi Implementation Remove the two 2 screws and nuts that secure the Power Supply to the case note that there are star washers on each screw.

Return the unit to an upright position. The function of epw plate is to keep the pin ribbon cable from interfering with the Disk Drive motor.

Designation xenninals Connector Ai!. Disconnect one end of the MIDI cable d. The display will read: Remove the four 4 screws and star washers that attach the Disk Drive to the wheel assembly.

Create a short sequence by holding down Record and pressing Play.