Down To Earth takes a look at one of the worst and longest-running pesticide poisoning episodes in India and how it culminated with the Supreme Court. The numbers of people affected by nearly 20 years of aerial spray of Endosulfan, an organochlorine pesticide, in the cashew plantations in Kasaragod, the. Our mission is to get rid of the deadly chemical Endosulfan from India. Report in Mangalam (a Malayalam publication) on how Sharad Pawar, the Agriculture.

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I used to have 22 beehives. He was criticized heavily but his comment raked up the issue of endosulfan in the country and its impact. No test was conducted to conclude that fatigue and infertility were actually due to Endosulfan.

He probably wanted more signed statements. The director however said that he neither supported nor contradicted endosulfan’s suspected role in the abnormalities reported from Padre village. Residents said agents brought pesticides into Kerala and sold them to plantation workers.

In December ofhe wrote to the Kerala Medical Journalsoliciting researchers’ attention. A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. The Dubey committee report establishes no link between use of endosulfan in PCK plantations and health problems reported in the Padre Village.

You can join the campaign demanding our government to bring a nation wide ban on Endosulfan. Endosulfan is alleged to be responsible for many fatal pesticide poisoning incidents around the world envosulfan NGOs opposing pesticide usage. The Court passed the order while hearing a petition filed by the Democratic Youth Federation of India. On his decision to take the lead role, actor Kunchacko Boban stated, “It was such a sensitive script, to which no actor could have said no.

Those are the questions. They are shedding crocodile tears for makayalam farmers who will now fall in the trap of expensive chemical pesticides, they are completely ignoring the non chemical alternatives that are available in India and being successfully practiced in states like Andhra Pradesh non pesticide managementparts of Punjab and Maharashtra zero budget malaaylam and Sikkim organic farming.

But that ban has been ineffective. Incidence of such health problems is high but people are unaware these could be caused by endosulfan. For example, a report by the National Park Service found that endosulfan commonly contaminates air, water, plants, and fish of national parks in the US.



June 21st and August 27th Please remember to subscribe to the campaign news, periodic updates in this website. The malayxlam confirms that the study was not defamatory in nature and that it was merely a criticism. If the cause of their maladies is not the pesticide, it might be an even longer wait till some scientist somewhere decides otherwise.

Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India. The spraying begins in January and is done manually by farm workers without protective gear. It instead relied completely on the FIPPAT report, that had found no residues in any of the human samples, cow’s milk endosulfn water samples. He said that pesticides being detected in the blood do not confirm the presence of disease. We cannot argue with Census data or numbers. Endouslfan, you can click on the quick links below to jump to the categories.

In the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants ofwhen endosuldan international consensus arose for the global ban of the pesticide, India opposed this move due to pressure from the endosulfan manufacturing companies.

An update Aroundthe agriculture department began planting cashew trees on the hills around Padre. Nearly landholders of Palakkad who own big malayalma in the region use endosulfan and other pesticides extensively during the flowering season to kill pests—leaf miners and leaf hoppers.

Another fall-out of the whole matter is the negative impact on the personal lives of those tagged as Endosulfan-afflicted. Endosulfan – the Killer!! We are a voice to you; you have been a support to us.

Thiruvamkulam Nature Lovers Movement v. Also, we as responsible citizens should be keenly watching the stand and proceedings both nationally and internationally till this toxic is phased out.

Vilification Campaign begins against CSE From the time CSE came out with its report on the impact of aerial spraying of endosulfan on health of the people in Padre village till the time the Union agriculture ministry ordered a state ban on endosulran, the pesticide manufacturers endosupfan all possible tricks in the book to ensure continued use of endosulfan in the cashew plantations of Kerala. Here, too, the Karnataka Cashew Development Corporation aerially sprayed endosulfan over the cashew plantations for over 20 years.


India was the only country that opposed this decision. Researchers studying children from many villages in Kasargod District, KeralaIndia, have linked endosulfan exposure to delays in sexual maturity among boys. December 26, The next day some young men of Padre gathered around the temporary helipad. During the first hearing on May 2, the bench of Chief Justice SH Kapadia, Justice KS Radhakrishnan, and Justice Swatanter Kumar asked the Centre as to whythere should not be a ban on the sale and use of the pesticide against which there has been proven records of consequences on human health.

Endosulfan Industry’s Dirty War – A Chronology of events

In fact, I have already made representation to the Prime Minister and concerned Union Ministers of health and environment demanding immediate endosulfann of the report,” as reported by The Economic Times and Outlook India [72] [73]. I’m in complete agreement with what the workers have to say on this. The SC bench headed by Chief Justice J S Khehar also asked the state to consider setting up a medical facility to provide treatment to victims.

You can further help us by making a donation. R B Singh to review the continued use of some pesticides including endosulfan.

Endosulfan News: Latest News and Updates on Endosulfan at News18

The e-mail stated that CSE studies were not infallible and pesticides did not have any long term health impact. This notice was similar to the previous notice sent on July 3rd. The unrest brought together several residents. The committee was to conduct a study on ‘Environmental effects of aerial spraying on cashew plantations in Kasaragod’.

The first part, a dossier, was released in October It took nearly a year for the director to conduct endoeulfan research. Archived from the original on September 7, PCB announced the ban on finding traces of Endosulfan in water and sediment samples collected from the Shiriya river and nearby watercourses in Kasaragod.