Luttwak’s become the unthinkable. And here he has succeeded magnificently. For peacemakers and warmakers alike”. — Harry G. Summers, Jr., New York. If Edward Luttwak does not always persuade, he always provokes. In this superb book, one that will become a classic of strategy, he does both. He may. Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace rev. and enlarged ed. by Edward N. Luttwak Cambridge, MA: The Belknap. Press of Harvard University Press,

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Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace by Edward N. Luttwak

It is written in simple English, presented clearly enough for peaxe this Arts graduate to understand. Published January 31st by Belknap Press: Prospective captains of industry should perhaps stick to Sun-Tzu. Apr 18, Billy rated it really liked it Shelves: But equally paradoxical is that the resulting peace creates war by breeding conditions in which advantage must be sought, strategies developed to persuade and dissuade, and the peace won even if war has to be resorted to. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The greatest virtue of war is that, in destruction, it consumes the ability to continue it indefinitely Lists with This Book. It is possible to lose because of the costs of a successful defense.

He discusses the pros and cons of using the element of surprise, the irrati Bravo! Jon-Erik rated it it was amazing Mar 06, Preview — Strategy by Edward N. A variety of lessons learned are clearly presented and illustrated with historical examples in an understandable manner.

Insightful book on how strategy uses its own paradoxical logic rather than normal linear logic. Luttwak serves or has served as a contractor for the Office of Net Assessment of the U.

Edward Nicolae Luttwak is a military strategist, political scientist, and historian who has published works on strategyy strategy, history, and international relations. Sep 02, Kristyna rated it it was amazing.

Jul 31, Nlk marked it as to-read. His discussions on blitzkrieg, defensive depth, culmination points and guided vs unguided weaponry alone are worth the the price of admission.


I am no fan of war, but I am luttsak that its study and comprehension is crucial if future conflicts are to be avoided, or at least curtailed or foreshortened. Books by Edward N. Nov 02, James Murphy rated it it was amazing.

Because conflict is inevitable, peace is merely a precursor to future engagements. Welcome to the world of a paradoxical logic, where war facilitates peace by destroying state’s means to engage in a conflict and peace breeds war by making the state powerful and daring enough to resort to brute force. War is arguably the greatest Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz famously wrote, “War is the continuation of politics by other means.

Sep 04, Jennifer Taw rated it really liked it. I read this because I’m something of a student of history stfategy several respected voices have recommend it to me over the years. In the calculus of international ligic, strategy and war are natural states.

Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace

An incredible tour de force that examines the paradoxical trade-offs of military campaigns. Victory is shown to contain the seeds of defeat and vice versa. The former discusses the point that by interrupting conflicts and demanding peace treaties to be signed before the war reaches its natural end, we are only prolonging the conflict by letting all sides rearm. He discusses the pros and cons of using the element of surprise, the irrationality of over-expenditures on nuclear weapons, over-preparation, implementing new technologies, being over or under cautious.

I’m glad I read it, but I think I would only recommend it to those who either have a working interest in the field or those with a lot of time on their hands. Had France relied on a less successful technique, such as trenches, Germany might have chosen a frontal attack, which France would have been able to intermit.

Dec 09, Ferhat Culfaz rated it liked it. Sep 17, Jefferson rated it it was amazing Shelves: It can appear between different levels of war, when the right tactical decision may result in the worst operational outcome, as seen in the case of French soldiers who abandoned their positions in May to stop a limited German offensive, only to be taken aback by a full force attack.

One of the paradoxes of war, he tells us, is that it creates peace by destroying the means necessary to engage in combat. Origins and Trends in Interpretation William C.


Mass conflict has always featured as a foundation-stone of the human endeavor, and an all too quick recourse when negotiation fails or offence is taken. Clausewitz would blush in envy, although many of his ideas are a hyper complex version of some points made by Clausewitz.

Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace – Edward N. Luttwak – Google Books

The book covers every conceivable aspect of making war in the abstract illustrated with copious examples of successes and failures.

My favourite section, however, is Chapter 4, where Luttwak describes reasons why democratic leaders make for terrible war commanders, writing that the necessity for transparency, the duty to explain actions to civilians, and the desire to be re-elected contradict the paradoxical logic of warfare.

In this widely acclaimed work, now revised and expanded, Luttwak unveils the peculiar logic of strategy level by level, from grand waar down to combat tactics. References to this book International Relations Then and Now: The Logic of War and Peace Strategy: This example of paradox is simply the first of many from a world history znd with conflict. My library Help Advanced Book Search. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This book assumed that the reader has extensive knowledge of the majority of the major conflicts in the 20th Century and their leaders.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. As victory is turned into defeat by over-extension, as war brings peace by exhaustion, ordinary linear logic is overthrown. As you’re defeating your enemy you’re creating a situation in which your successful strategy in defeating him no longer works because he’s constantly adjusting to the fluidity of the situation. Feb 12, Marguerite rated it really liked edwad. Sparks Emotion 1