Renewal. Under the Controlled Substances Act. APPROVED OMB NO FORM DEAA () FORM. EXPIRES: 01/31/ INSTRUCTIONS. Fill Dea Form a, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. 74 FR – Agency Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection; Comments Requested: Application for Registration (DEA Form.

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If a supplier refuses, a statement that the order is not accepted is sufficient. A supplier may void all or part of an electronic order by notifying the foorm of the voiding. In addition, the inventory records of schedule II controlled substances must be kept separate from all other controlled substances. Other schedule II substances include: The type of DEA registration required is dependent on the nature of the business activity involving CS use. Flrm CS Program Manager must also be contacted at least two months in advance of relocation to inspect and approve new location for CS storage.

If it is discovered after that point that an in-transit loss or theft has occurred; the purchaser must then submit a DEA Form Instead, an electronic 224s to renew will be sent to the email address associated with the DEA registration.

DEA Registration and Renewal | USC Environmental Health & Safety

DEA field offices located outside the Eastern Time zone may be available for calls after 4: Separate registration may not be required for practitioners who are already registered and engaging in research with schedule II-V CS. The purchaser must link the returned order to the record of that order and the statement. Modifications are vorm in the same manner as applications and must be approved by DEA.

The document must include the names, addresses, and DEA registration numbers of the parties involved in the transfer of the controlled substances. A copy of the inventory must be included in the records of each pharmacy.

The power of attorney must be signed by the same person who signed the most recent application for registration or renewal registration, as well as the individual being authorized to obtain and execute the DEA Forms However, for record retention requirement shall not pre-empt any longer period of retention which may be required now or in the future, by any other Federal or State law or regulation, applicable to pharmacists or pharmacies.


Prompt notification to enforcement agencies will allow them to investigate the incident and prosecute those responsible for the diversion. Each DEA Form must be signed and dated by a person authorized to sign a registration application or a person granted power of attorney see below, Power of Attorney to Sign an Official Order Form.

Controlled Substance Theft or Significant Loss Should a theft or significant loss 24a any controlled substance occur at a pharmacy, the following procedures must be implemented within one business day of the discovery of the theft or loss.

This policy is as follows: The breakage or spillage of controlled substances does not constitute a “loss” of controlled substances. Digital certificates can be obtained only by registrants and individuals granted power of attorney by registrants to sign orders.


Forward a copy of your updated DEA registration to ehs-cs usc. Medical practitioners are permitted to use their existing DEA registration for research in a lab at USC if the address on their DEA license matches the storage and use location of the CS used for research. Drugs listed in schedule I have no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and, therefore, may not be prescribed, administered, or dispensed for medical use.

2224a must be notified directly. When determining whether a loss is significant, a registrant should consider, among others, the following factors: Pertinent citations to the law and regulations are included in this manual.

Research for the treatment of drug addiction or abuse utilizing any drug, scheduled or not. Part to End may be obtained from:.

Staff is available from 8: The original affidavit along with the registration application fee and the list of registrations should be mailed dwa The actual quantity of controlled substances lost in relation to the type of business; The specific controlled substances; Whether the loss of the controlled substances can be associated with access to those controlled substances by specific individuals, or whether the loss can be attributed to unique activities that may take place involving the controlled substances; A pattern of losses over a specific time period, whether the losses appear to be random, and the results of efforts taken to resolve the losses; and, if known Whether the forrm controlled substances are likely candidates for diversion; and Local trends and other indicators of the diversion potential of the missing controlled substances.


Principal Investigators must also adhere to the following:. Breakage and Spillage The breakage or spillage of controlled substances does not constitute a “loss” of controlled substances.

When a purchaser receives an for electronic order from the supplier, the purchaser must electronically link the statement of nonacceptance to the original order. The original statement must be retained for two years. Some examples of substances listed in schedule I are: All such actions are designed to protect the public health and safety.

Required Records The records which must be maintained by a pharmacy are: These records are required to provide accountability of all controlled substances from the manufacturing process through the dispensing pharmacy and to the ultimate user.

If an order cannot be filled, the supplier must notify the purchaser and provide a statement as to the reason e. Duplicates If your original certificate is misplaced, illegible, or destroyed, you may obtain a Duplicate Certificate.

Renewal Form A – Login Screen

These receipts must also contain the name of each controlled substance, the finished form, the number of dosage units of finished form in each commercial container, and the number of commercial containers ordered and received. Applicants must submit 224a following application to obtain registration for schedule I CS use: A responsible individual must answer the questions listed on the affidavit on behalf of the corporation as they pertain to each registrant.

Transfer to the Original Supplier or Original Manufacturer Any pharmacy may transfer controlled substances to the original supplier or the original manufacturer that is appropriately registered with the DEA.