This Guide will help you install and configure ClearOS Unless you have a specific Installation Wizard · Installer Troubleshooting. Alternatively, you can do what most administrators do: hit all the function keys, delete key and random other keys while You can use this guide to transfer your ISO image to USB and install ClearOS. Hard disk: 5 GB. 7 User Guide. This guide will help you install and configure ClearOS 7. Installation of ClearOS · Manual RAID 5 – Striping with Parity.

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Working with images from the command line. OpenSSH, pipes and file transfers. File encryption and cloud backup. Hiding processes from other users, get geographical location of IP address. Running the Linux-libre kernel. All Point Clark Networks announced the availability of the community edition of ClarkConnect 5.

Upgrades from earlier versions are not supported. Administrqtion you run the ClarkConnect installer, make sure you select the upgrade option. In addition, users who have installed third party software packages or used the command-line apt-get tool to install software should also run the following command: ClearOS is a small business server operating system with server, networking, and gateway functions.


It is designed primarily for homes, small, medium, and distributed environments. It is managed from a web based user interface, clarkconject can also be completely managed and tuned from the command line. ClearOS is available in a free Community Edition, which includes available open source updates and patches from its upstream sources. ClearOS is also offered in a Home and Business Edition which receives additional testing of updates and only uses tested code for updates. Professional tech-support is also available.

Devin Johnson has announced the release of ClearOS 7. All editions can be installed from the same ISO image, but each edition provides access to different repositories with a mix of applications, support and services to meet different environment needs.

This release is the second in the ClearOS 7 series and provides primarily administartion and bug fixes. Peter Baldwin has announced the release of ClearOS 6. Security and bug fixes will administratioj to be released. This version features improvements and clwrkconnect fixes. To upgrade an existing system to ClearOS 6. For a full list of improvements that have been adminitration, please review the changelogs.

Download either the clarkcconnect “Community” edition or the subscription-based “Professional” variant from here: Peter Baldwin has announced the release of ClearOS 7. This is also the first version that combines three products into one download: ClearOS now comes in three different editions: Community, Home and Business.

All editions can be installed from the same download ISO image, but each edition provides a mix of applications, support and services to meet different needs.

This release is the first in the ClearOS 7 series and provides major improvements and new features.

Installation of ClearOS 7 Community Edition

Download the installation DVD image from here: David Loper has announced the availability of the first release candidate for ClearOS 7, an enterprise-class server distribution based on CentOS 7: We are excited to add Samba Directory to the mix. This beta is built using the new Koji build system. The change to clarkconmect build system is needed now since it fundamentally changes some structure that we will need clrakconnect have working smoothly throughout the 7. The following is a list of new features in ClearOS Community 6.


Since the last release, the following apps have been released: Along with the usual round of bug fixes and enhancements, the 6. For businesses and organizations, ClearOS Professional 6. Download MD5 from here: After a bumpy start with ClearOS 6, we are now happy with the stability and maturity of the version. Version 6 required a major overhaul under the hood, but it provided ClearOS with a modern and secure web application platform.

So what’s currently in the pipeline? Peter Baldwin has announced the release of the second beta of ClearOS 6. Over the last few weeks, there was a lot of focus on squashing bugs and improving little usability issues. From the modernized installer to the easy to use Marketplace, ClearOS 6 has matured to be our best offering. It’s not only the core platform that has had claekconnect facelift, but also the individual apps and solutions.

For example, Zarafa’s solution with two great webmail interfaces, Outlook support, and out-of-the-box mobile synchronization. Along with the usual round of enhancements, this release introduces new applications focused on the mail server stack. This release includes the following new applications: Count your Linux Box. What different types of codecs are there?

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