Assessor(s): Hammerson, G.A., Frost, D.R. & Gadsden, H. Reviewer(s): Cox, N., Chanson, J.S. & Stuart, S.N. (Global Reptile Assessment Coordinating Team). ZEBRA-TAILED LIZARD Callisaurus draconoides. DESCRIPTION: A medium- sized (up to mm or 4″ from snout to vent), tan to yellowish tan lizard with long, . Adult male, Kern County. Western Zebra-tailed Lizard. Breeding adult female, Kern County. Western Zebra-tailed Lizard. Adult female, Kern County, Adult female.

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The appearance of juveniles also differs from that of adults. Habitat, sandy wash during a good spring wildflower bloomRiverside County. Like most territorial lizards, zebra-tailed lizards defend their territories using physical gestures like push-ups or head nods. If no status is listed here, the animal is not included on either CDFW list. Molecular Phylogenetics rraconoides Evolution 36 3: Zebra-tailed lizards are diurnal and alert. Numerous oh-so-proud zebra-tailed lizards festooned the sandy shores and rocky washes around the Cuchujaqui river.

The adaptive significance of territoriality in Iguanid lizards. A photographic field guide. Phrynosomatidae ,from Baja California Sur, Mexico. Lizards of the United States and Canada. Van Devender, and Calliaaurus. They are sometimes found draconoieds populations of varying sizes, but are highly territorial. Females are slightly shorter, typically ranging from 65 mm to 75 mm.


Callisaurus draconoides | The Reptile Database

Callisaurus draconoides Blainville Hatchlings are born with an “egg-tooth” – a tooth-like structure on their nose used to slice through the egg, which is lost shortly after hatching. The temperature of the rock was degrees F. Colorado zebra-tailed lizards occur in southern Nevada, southwestern Utah, southeastern California, and west Arizona. Three subspecies of zebra-tailed lizards are recognized, which differ in their geographic range.

Belly markings also differ ddraconoides these groups, dracnooides fringe-toed lizards having a single large blotched marking on the belly.

Clutch size ranges from 1 to callixaurus eggs. A countersunk lower jaw makes it easier for this lizard to burrow into loose or sandy soil to rest. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata. More southerly populations regularly appear to prefer beetles and insect larvae. In addition, zebra-tailed lizards are capable of dealing with differing callisauurs conditions. Accessed December 31, at https: Mexico Sinaloa, Sonora ; Type locality: Parasites specific to this species are not currently known.

Individual home ranges often overlap, however, it is not clear if overlapping territorial boundaries are defended.

Zebra-tailed lizard

When stopped, they wag their curled tails side-to-side to distract predators. Southwestern Naturalist 55 2: Zebra-tailed lizards are often solitary but have an elaborate social system in which social status is communicated to conspecifics via visual and olfactory cues.


Callisaurus draconoides is well-camouflaged due to its gray-brown coloration. Northern populations regularly consume grasshoppers during late summer and are more prone to eating vegetation during spring months when compared to other populations. Common prey includes small invertebrates such as scorpionsfliesantsspiderswormseggs, carrion, and other small vertebrates.

Tanner and Krogh, Reproduction Zebra-tailed lizards are polygynous.

I managed to get this one crappy photo from the car before cllisaurus took off at a crazy speed as any self-respecting zebra-tailed lizard is wont to do. Tweet Please submit feedback about this entry to the curator.

The Zebra-tailed Lizard mates in spring and lays one or more clutches of eggs in summer. Tail wagging callissaurus may indicate individual fitness to the predator.

Wild Herps – Zebra-tailed Lizard (Callisaurus draconoides)

They are also known to drwconoides under sand for safety when being chased by predators. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 4: Intrasexual selection predicts the evolution of signal complexity in lizards. Estate of Doris M. New Mexico Press, pp.

This most likely indicates that there are no serious conservation concerns for the animal.