The cessation of the charismataPatristic and mediaeval marvelsRoman Catholic miraclesIrvingite giftsFaith-healingMind-cure. Counterfeit Miracles has 66 ratings and 6 reviews. Dominic said: This is actually a series of lectures given by B.B. Warfield, a key figure in conservati. The Banner of Truth Trust, , pgs. Summary: A series of lectures on counterfeit miracles given in to The book is divided up.

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Ray Cannata rated it really liked it Apr 05, Warfield mjracles professor of theology at Princeton Seminary from to Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Oct 25, Dominic Foo rated it really liked it. I took my time with this book, as I found myself rereading many points in this collection of lectures. Want to Read saving….

Having said that, I didn’t agree with everything he wrote in this thesis, but if you have the time it is a worthwhile read. Finally he moves on to faith-healings and mind-cures of the Christian scientists. And then reviews the claimed miracles of his day, including some cults counterfwit quacks.

However, Warfield notes that there are some very interesting and disturbing parallels between the miracles reported by the patristic fathers like St Augustine and some of the pagan miracle tales which has already existed before, which doubtlessly points to a convenient co-opting of pagan miracle stories by Christians as the Christian faith became much more widespread which was somewhat uncritically recorded down by St B.bwarfield.

Brandon rated it really liked it Mar 30, He provides quite a detailed account of the movement along with a thorough critique, containing lots of original quotes and extensive couhterfeit of eye-witness statements, etc. I can’t imagine writing with authority on as many subjects as he did, and here he particularly applies himself to the historical understanding of miracles and the many imitations and claims to miracles that have been made over the years, both within the church and without.

It is quite an interesting read with an attention historical detail and first-person accounts and academic referencing to various experts, theological, historical and medical, which is truly impressive. A helpful b.g.warfield of the historical data. Very dense and hard to scratch the surface if youre not willing to sit at the feet of Warfield and dig deep and think mkracles about what he is saying.

Warfield refutes this theory by noting that factually this is most certainly false as an examination countereit the apostolic fathers revealed that miracles far from increasing actually completely ceased with the apostles. But I b.b.warfielc the most important thing which this book has taught me is the true rational behind the cessation of miracles and sign and wonders, that miracles intricately and indissolubly tied to divine revelation and apostolic authority as their proper signs, and that naturally once the apostles mitacles and divine revelation has ceased, so would the miracles which were the signs and confirmation of their message.


No proposition clearly perceived to be false, however, can possibly be validated to us by any miracle whatever; and the perception of the proposition as clearly false relieves us at once from the duty of examining into the miraculous character of its alleged support and invalidates any claim which that support can put in to miraculous character—prior to all investigation. This book is good for countterfeit who are rather sceptical about the miracles that have been propounded in history.

Thus, it is not the miracles which is the evidence of orthodoxy but orthodoxy which is the evidence of the miracles. StevevetS rated it it was amazing Oct 07, Chris Sicks rated it it was amazing Mar 31, He also could not help poking fun at the outrage of b.b.warfiel Jesuit b.b.wafield Catholic authorities at the “unauthorised” miracles surrounding the dead body of a Jansenist cleric, no doubt once more proving the dictum that it is the saint that makes a miracle and not the miracle a saint.

b.b.wrfield But even then Warfield notes that Augustine’s opinion on miracles went through a slow development, from a hesitant report in the early part of his theological career to a much more certain endorsement later on. Don Bryant rated it liked it Oct 14, I always learn something from Warfield.

Warfield Benjamin B. – Counterfeit miracles – Free PDF

Of course, I should have already have known this when Calvin in his introduction to his Institutes, refuted his Catholic’s opponent’s claim to orthodoxy by citing the many miracles which has occurred among them by pointing that his doctrine too was confirmed miracless many miracles and signs and wonders, the miracles and signs and wonders of the Apostles, which Calvin of course does claim to teach faithfully.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield usually known as B. Michael Pagan rated it it was amazing Jun 24, About Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield. Eugen Olsen rated it really liked it Dec 18, Occasional miracles would not validate the unscriptural claims to charismata in the modern church, but would allow for some events to be miraculous rather than merely providential.


Counterfeit Miracles

Return to Book Page. The book is divided up into six chapters: Drew Cunningham rated it really liked it Dec 21, It is at least very commonly supposed that we are bound to examine carefully into the pretensions of any alleged miracle produced in support of any propositions whatever, however intrinsically absurd; cohnterfeit, if these alleged miracles cannot be at once decisively invalidated, we are bound to accept as true the proposition in support of which they are alleged.

He also makes the important point from Deut Feb 23, Jordan Hill rated it really liked it. Weir rated it really liked it Aug 11, Counterfeit Miracles by Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield.

He also discusses the miraculous events surrounding a group of 19th century charismatics, the Irvingist, complete with prophesies, speaking in tongues, healings, etc, but which movement has more or less died when the prophesies have failed to come to pass. Some conservative Presbyterians consider him to be the last of the great Princeton theologians before the split in that formed Westminster Seminary and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Feb 18, Victor Chininin rated it it was ok. Having grown up with a charismatic background, B.b.warfeild enjoyed the depth of detail in this book.

Warfield then delves into history to show that this position is supported by the data. But I feel uneasy about using that as support for the cessation of the gifts and miracles in our day and age.

Refresh and b.bwarfield again. It is a highly informative and thorough study and examination of the phenomenon of miracles from the time of Christ to his immediate present age whereby he refutes that miracles continues to occur today but has effectively ceased with the closure of the Apostolic age. He sets out by first refuting a popular theory at that time that miracles continued after the death of the apostles until the 4th century when it ceased because the Christian faith was not in need of any miracles, the wheels of the missionary work apparently taken over by imperial endorsement.

Andre rated it it was amazing May 03,