A bro always calls another bro by his last name. (Exception: If a bro’s last name is also a racial epithet). PARADISA COROLLARY: Or if the. Definition of a Bro: A person who will always be with you unless he’s got something else anymore. If someone has upheld one or more. In popular culture, the Bro Code is a friendship etiquette to be followed among men or, more specifically, among members of the bro subculture. The term has been popularized by Barney Stinson, a character from the.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When in a public restroom, a bro stares straight ahead when using the urinal.

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The Bro Code

Violating this code is worse than killing a bro. A bro will drop whatever he’s doing and help his bro dump a chick. A Bro never cries. Even in a fight to the death, a bro never punches another bro in the groin. Chicks can be Bros as long as they francals the same credentials.

The 48 Laws of Power. Historically a spoken tradition passed from one generation to the next and dating back to the American Revolution, the official code of conduct for Bros appears here in its published form for the first time farncais. Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.

The Bro Code, Part 3 – Barney Stinson

Retrieved from ” https: A bro is required to go out with his bros on St. The “bros before hoes” expression is often regarded as the “golden rule” of male friendship, and it has been common slang at least since Meaning of bros before hoes”. A bro is always entitled to do something stupid as long as the rest of his bros are doing it.


More by Barney Stinson. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer’s personal information.

A bro doesn’t let another bro get a tattoo, especially of a girl’s name. Would you like us to take another look at this review? This is the male code. Please review your cart. Just have the ghosts do it for you. A bro respects his bros in the military. Overview Music Video Charts.

Are You There, Vodka? No, that still stands.

Okay, so if a bro desperately needs to stash his porn somewhere, he is allowed to show up uninvited at his bro’s door with a box of porn, even if the bro is living with a chick, since the bro’s connection with the porn constitutes an older and more meaningful relationship.

The Thank You Economy. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. A bro will always help another bro reconstruct the events from the previous night, unless those events entail hooking up with an ugly chick, or repeatedly saying “I love you” to his bros. Wallow in darkness no longer, fellow Bros! A great time to get that permission is when your bro is super drunk. Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me. How I Met Your Mother.

The New New Rules. A bro is not required to remember another bro’s birthday. The day after world-changes is also considered an official bro holiday. A bro is never offended if another bro fails to return a phone call, text, or email in a timely fashion.


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The notion of an unwritten set of rules that govern the relationship between male friends is present in popular culture at least since When on the prowl, a bro hits on the hottest chick first, because you just never know. There is no law frxncais prohibits a woman from being a bro. If a bro sees another bro get into a fight, he immediately has his bro’s back. A bro is always psyched. When asked “do you need some help”, a bro shall automatically respond “I got it”.

The Bro Code by Barney Stinson on Apple Books

James WesleyRawles. A bro never wears jeans to a strip club. Too Big to Fail. While a bro is not expected to know how to change a tire, he is at least required to drag out the jack before pretending to assess the flat. If a chick inquires about another bro’s sexual history, another bro shall honor the Brode Of Silence and play dumb. A bro doesn’t comparison shop. A bro must always post bail for another bro, unless it’s out of state, or like, crazy-expensive.

A bro never bto pink. Out of the Dark.

When questioned in the company of women, a bro always decries fake breasts.