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The event known as Autumn Flowers reached its a XXXIX th edition and represents a great occasion of presenting several collections with great patrimonial value, such as chrysanthemumsmumspumpkinscabbage and decorative peppers.

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The volunteers have free access. Pupils from 1 st — 4 th grade from Elena Cuza School of Iasi, coordinated by professor Luminita MURARIU, present under the name of Autumn colors symphonyaquarelles on dry and wet material, dactyl-painting, collages with natural materials, paper and colored cardboard.

We recommend you to use the entrance from Dumbrava Ro? The species of chrysanthemum and especially the indigenous and exotic varieties and cultivars, more or less known are presented in thousands of specimens, both within the external sectors and greenhouses. Evelyn Wolfram-Schilling – specialist researcher within the Group of Phytopharmacy, from the same Institute, from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, associate Professor at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, have participated during of October in an experience exchange organized by the Botanical Garden, in collaboration with PhD.

The activities will be held daily, from 9 a. Photo gallery Cover charge: The visitors are expected daily, between 9. The opening will take place on Saturday, September 29 th Under the name Journey of fruits and seeds within the exhibition are presented specimens of cultivated species from the Botanical Garden along with interesting information regarding mechanisms of self-dispersal but also adaptations that enable their dissemination via wind, water, animals and men.


There are also presented samples from plants that are toxic or used for dyeing. The exhibition will be opened daily between 9 a.

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The exhibition will be open daily from 9. Within the exhibition, a great variety of fruits and seeds, and also many decorative forms of cabbages, peppers, squashes and pumpkins will be presented. The visitors will get valuable scientific information concerning the different groups of plants found in the sectors of our Botanical Garden. Companies etc Printed By — I. The exhibition can be visited in the Greenhouse Complex. The written information offers to those who are interested the opportunity to widen their botanical and horticultural wrmonie.

Botanic Garden of Iasi – Announcements

The scientific value of this collection is given by the evolution through polyploidy and alezandru ornamental importance is given by the remarkable colors and contrast due to the presence of antocyanins, and the therapeutic and alimentary value is offered by the presence of glucosinolates, isothiocyanates, flavonoids, vitamins C, K, A, B, E and minerals S, Ca, K, Mn, Cu, Fe, Mg.

Because these species require specific growth conditions the temperature and humidity levels are permanently monitored as well as the pH of the soil.

This year, autumn tempts us all, more than ever to find deeper meanings in the amazing seed! SistemIS members will hold several presentations in order to emphasize the importance of protecting the European ground squirrel. Continuuing our tradition of creating the aspect of an unforgettable autumn, numerous decorative cultivars and forms belonging to Cucurbita pumpkinsBrassica cabbage and Capsicum peppers genera will be exposed.

It did almost as well in the United Statesreaching No. We are proposing alecandru present thematic because the chrysanthemums have always surprised by chromatics and odour. In the specific climatic conditions of the Botanical Garden these species blossom from December until March.


The official opening will take place on 23rd October at Exhibition space is highlighted also by numerous specimens of crotons, dracaenas, ferns, begonias, maranthas, orchids, citrus, cacti and succulent plants. This bird has special significations, especially in the culture and traditions of the Japanese people, where it is associated with stability, being considered the symbol of the spring, happiness, love, longevity and marital allegiance.


The band broke up inafter seeing Something Magic stall at No. Wilson on drums and Robin Trower on guitar, reached No. Special attention was srmonie to the presentation of the species and varieties, highlighting their origin and first uses in China and Japan, starting with the 15 th century B.

In the last few years a great deal of attention was given to the Solanum genus collection, decorative through their leaves and fruits: The biological material, cultivated exclusively in the Armoine Garden is accompanied by explanations concerning the taxonomy, cultural forms and medicinal or nutritional importance of chrysanthemums.

Photo gallery In Honorem — PhD.


The activities will take place daily, between 9. There will be displayed cultivars of chrysanthemums belonging to the species Alexandrru morifolium and over 70 cultivars of chrysanthemums belonging to the species Chrysanthemum indicum. The collection of Brassica genus decorative cabbage includes 49 taxa that belong to 3 species, 8 varieties and 37 F1 hybrids, with scientific, ornamental and therapeutic value.