The Quantumland in which Alice travels is rather like a theme park in which Alice is Quantumland shows the essential features of the quantum world: the world. Alice in Quantumland is Robert Gilmore’s amazing fantasy ride through the landscape of quantum physics – the interrelated group of theories on the nature of . Alice is about to enter a whole new Wonderland. It’s Quantumland–a kind of intellectual amusement park, smaller than an atom, where each attraction.

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The mobile phone you are holding! That said, this book is quantujland and in my opinion does fulfill its goals of providing a primer for a very unintuitive field. Quantum Physics and Reality I guarantee you’ll be shocked if you aren’t familiar with the science. The Heisenberg Bank; 3.

May 22, Patricia Ferreira rated it it was amazing Shelves: Alice unusual encounters, enhanced Attraverso un televisore versione aggiornata dello specchioAlice si ritrova nel mondo della quantistica, tr http: Well, Alice is about to embark on another amazing journey.

I wouldn’t recommend plodding on – read the first chapter; if the style works for you, good for you; if not, save yourself the agony and move on to a more “mathematical” book on quantum physics.

Alice in Quantumland: An Allegory of Quantum Physics

Jul 25, Reenah rated it really liked it Shelves: The Experimental Physics Phun Phair show more. You are the student xlice in a classroom.


The Matrix of Visual Culture: Account Options Sign in. I had never heard of this allegory before, and I don’t think I ever would have come across it if he hadn’t introduced me to it. Let me tell you something about myself. And believe me, my high school texts were far easier to understand than this book.

He is the professor.

Feb 06, Carmen rated it it was ok. This phenomenal combination quanyumland familiar and complex concepts had one of the most remarkable formats that I have read. The only reason I didn’t rate the book a five-star is that I have heard that the equation used to prove quant This is a very interesting book, although the complex theories can cause a dizzy feeling.

Interference take place -Electrons are seen: It was great for vague, general ideas. Possibly because I read another introduction to quantum physics only a few days ago.

I absolutely loved it, and recommend it to anyone who has the slightest interest in physics or chemistry.

Granted, Gilmore does offer some neat scenes that do make some aspects of the whole quantum jumble more understandable to the average reader. Jun 10, G.

Alice in Quantumland : An Allegory of Quantum Physics

The attempted parallel with Carroll’s Wonderland feels awkward and forced. Invece Robert Gilmore, fisico con un curriculum di tutto rispetto, grazie ad un colpo di genio, riesce nell’impresa. At least, I’m certain that my high-school physics teacher would have allce such an equation incorrect if I had submitted it to her. Looking for beautiful books? Visit our Beautiful Books page suantumland find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.


On the other hand, I can’t think of a popular children’s story that allows for antics as weird as those presented in this book.

Alice in Quantumland: An Allegory of Quantum Physics – Robert Gilmore – Google Books

E’ un mondo incomprensibile, sorprendente e totalmente fuori dalle logiche alle quali siamo abituati. I have my physics quantumlabd to thank for lending me his book. It is very odd because of the way things work in such a counter-intuitive manner, yet experimentation agrees with it’s predictions. In this cleverly conceived book, physicist Robert Gilmore makes accessible some complex concepts in quantum mechanics by sending Alice to Quantumland-a whole new Wonderland, smaller than an atom, quantumlannd each attraction demonstrates a different aspect of quantum theory.

Feb 16, Syed Koushik rated it really liked it.