Affinis Fracture ceramic head is a component of an implant used in shoulder replacement surgeries. It replaces the humeral head in the. Mathys Orthopaedics, in association with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, has issued a hazard alert for the Affinis Fracture. ence with the Articula prosthesis, the next generation, Affinis Frac- ture, has now been With the Affinis Fracture, we are now taking the next step, and.

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A main objective here is the anatomical reconstruction of the rotator cuff, which is achieved through the precise and secure fixation of the tuberosities to the shaft of the humerus and the prosthesis.

The use of a medullary plug is recommended. Fractures of the proximal humerus ball account for. You should replace all IFU and Surgical Technique documents with the up-to-date versions in your hospital or practice.

Affinis Fracture Trauma Shoulder Prosthesis. Surgical technique

No stretching is performed, especially in rotation, before the sixth postoperative week. End Cap for TEN. In this case, please mark the highest point of its insertion beforehand.

When the indicator of the torque wrench points next to the wrench handle, permanent bracing has been achieved.

These combine to form. Forearm fractures Volker Braunstein How to use this handout? Table of contents Indications and contraindications 3 Implants 4 Instruments 4 Preoperative planning More information. Introduction Arthroscopic studies of. Perfect for everyday wear. This ensures the anatomical transition of the feacture to the prosthesis head. Based on many years of very positive experience with the Articula prosthesis, the next generation, Affinis Fracture, has now been developed. These factors ensure a high degree of primary stability as well as greater secondary stability, which fractuee achieved through improved osteointegration of the tuberosities.


Consumers and health professionals are encouraged to report problems with medical devices.

Table of Contents Introduction 3. Our strategy has been to know More information. Investigations revealed that the disconnections may have resulted from inadequate primary fixation due to insufficient head-cone connection or by protruding bone residue, cement residue or soft tissue fragments inside the cone connection.

Francis X Mendoza, More information. Tensioning takes place by turning the torque wrench clockwise. Here, the height from the upper edge of the pectoralis major muscle attachment on the shaft of the humerus to the upper edge of the prosthesis head is measured.

Rotator Cuff Pathophysiology Shoulder injuries occur to most people at least once in their life. These sutures must be tightened forcefully.

Affinis Fracture ceramic head (used in shoulder replacements)

These cells activate the surrounding bone. Patient Fit is Now an Option. It replaces the humeral head in the shoulder joint. Shoulder Instability What is it?


V PH Veenendaal Tel: After that, the axillary nerve is palpated at the front and underside of the subscapularis. The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint, with the humeral head upper arm bone as the ball and the glenoid as the socket.

The result will please you too: These should be inserted medially and laterally of the sulcus, before the affinus stem is cemented in. On growth of the tuberosities is furthermore improved by the newly added bioactive CaP coating.

For simplification, the distance from the pectoralis major to the shoulder of the central part can be measured, with the adjustment value here being 43 mm.

Affinis Fracture Trauma Shoulder Prosthesis. Surgical technique – PDF

As soon as possible, active assisted mobilization is started. While these problems can occur after a specific More information. The nerve should be held to the side with the tendons. Overview of instruments Affinis Fracture instrument set Item no. The suprascapular More information. The aim of fracture prosthesis is to restore mobility and to eliminate pain, so fractre the patient can manage the activities of everyday life.

The extremity is prepped and draped.