View the Actron Diagnostic Catalog to view manuals of all mechanical testers, digital multimeters and automotive diagnostic tools & accessories. Read now. Get Actron CP OBD II AutoScanner Manual. Get all Actron manuals!. Actron CP OBDII Plus Diagnostic Code Scanner in eBay Motors, Automotive Tools before you buying,please check below the Manual or.

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No vehicle manual required since trouble codes and definitions are displayed on the Amazon. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. It is possible that some newer vehicles may contain data different from that listed. Engine exhaust contains odorless lethal gas. An electromechanical device in which connections in one circuit are switched. The PCM uses majual signal for fuel delivery calculations.

A fuel injection system having one or more injectors mounted in a centrally located throttle body, as opposed to positioning the injectors close to an intake valve port.

Safety messages below and throughout this manual are reminders to use caution when using tool.

Acttron Precautions For safety, read, understand and follow all safety messages and instructions in manual and on test equipment before operating tool. Remember, always refer to a vehicle service manual for detailed diagnostic procedures when troubleshooting PID values.


What’s missing? Tell us about it.

CP Scanner pdf manual download. If you have questions or concerns Contact Technical Support: Most commonly used to identify the location of manua, sensors. Displaying trouble code definitions.

A decal located in the engine compartment containing information about the emission control systems found on the vehicle. Display The display has a large viewing area displaying messages, instructions, and diagnostic information. Normal type states hazard. Vehicle operation for a period of time so the systems can be monitored. A control system mode that does not monitor the output to verify if the desired achieved results. Instructions in English, Spanish, and French.

The proportion of air and fuel delivered to the cylinder for combustion.

Italic type states possible results of not avoiding hazard. Review The Review function allows the user to view the previous vehicle tested information. Improper equipment use can cause equipment or circuit damage. Page 18 Within each category Powertrain, Chassis, Body and Network of Diagnostic Trouble Codes there are assigned ranges for different vehicle systems. An alphanumeric identifier for a fault condition identified by the On Board Diagnostic System. An ignition system that allows the PCM to control spark advance timing.

Check for blown fuses. Page 7 Risk of explosion. Refer to instructions that are provided with update or upgrade. Keypad Test The Keypad Test verifies the keys are working correctly.


Actron CP OBD II AutoScanner User Manual | Page 18 / 66 | Original mode

Cp91755 Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Always refer to and follow safety messages and test procedures provided by manufacturer of vehicle and tools. Page 5 Safety Precautions For safety, read, understand and follow all safety messages and instructions in manual and on test equipment before operating tool. Safety messages below and throughout this manual are reminders to cl9175 caution when using tool. Diagnostic Trouble Codes SF-1 Signal Words Used: Observe AutoScanner Turns On.

Check vehicle systems completely before using the Erase Code function. Carbon Monoxide; odorless gas produced by incomplete combustion. Actron professional enhanced scan tool user’s manual pages.

For product manuals, please visit our user manual web page. The standard way of referring to the bank of cylinders containing cylinder x.

Several different causes can have the same parameter indication. Tool Information From System Setup menu: Look for Missing Spots. Program Mode Use Program Mode for updating and upgrading the tool. Safety acgron are provided to help prevent personal injury and equipment damage. A resistance sensor mounted in the transmission housing in contact with the transmission fluid.

Short circuits can cause injury.