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During this time, many women have come forward to talk about their experiences. Today we want to present you with some clear facts about sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as important steps you can take to address this issue within your own sphere of influence. Earlier this week, findings from the first ever survey of attitudes to work by Australian women were released to the public, highlighting the facts about sexual harassment in the workplace. This figure is even higher for particular groups of women, with 16 per cent of women from ethnically or linguistically diverse backgrounds and 18 per cent of women with a disability reporting sexual harassment.

While just 31 per cent of women surveyed believed men and women were treated equally at work, 50 per cent of men felt there was equality in the workplace. They may think of sexual harassment purely in terms of unwanted sexual advances or inappropriate touching, however it can also encompass other more subtle forms of behaviour.

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The Australian Gentle Rights Commission the Commission conducted a national survey mid July and September to investigate the nature and extent of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces. Two thousand and five get someone on the blower interviews were conducted with people ancient 18 to The survey is based on a equivalent national handset survey conducted by the Commission in Voluptuous harassment continues to be a facer in our workplaces, without considering some regeneration since [2].

The findings of the national a buzz survey care for attention to six translation areas also in behalf of action to reduce the incidence and impact of sexual harassment.

Individuals supervised 18 did not suitable for the national a buzz survey as permission from parents or guardians would be imperious for their participation. These figures do not allow for the rate of individual sexual harassment behaviours. Nevertheless, it should be celebrated that the Australian Writing-desk of Statistics defines little employers as having employees, medium employers as having 20 — employees and large employers as having over employees.

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The sexual harassment behaviours included in the PSS were: Compared to the national estimate for men 9. Key points Sexual harassment at work is on the rise Young Australians are far more like to be targeted Research breaks down prevalence by industry Human Rights Commission calls for action.

And more than one in three claimed they were ignored, with no action taken at all.

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Updated September 13, For more information about how disability was defined and potential under-representation of persons with a disability in the sample, refer to the Disability page of the Personal Safety Survey, Australia:

This is the fourth such survey undertaken by the Commission since The results of the National Survey are more detailed and more robust than ever before, with more than 10, Australians surveyed—five times the number of people who have participated in previous years.

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