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In our previous article, we have discussed about what is Siebel Open UI and its benefits. It includes all components of traditional Siebel client,...

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Now save all browser settings, close the browser and relaunch Siebel application. This should fix Siebel High Interactivity Framework issue. Sometimes the ActiveX file of Siebel high interactivity framework becomes corrupted or damaged.

Remember, you can only change the status of the file if you have admin rights, otherwise ask your system administrator to do it. Same message appears again and again! Please feel free to comment here and we will try to help you further. I just like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. Good luck for the next!

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Past using our milieu, you accede that you attired in b be committed to leaf through and hear of our Cookie Management Theory, Concealment Strategy and our Terms of Servicing. I miss to automate Siebel use which is having Siebel HI framework. I tried using qtp and selenium,but the trouble is objects ,tables are not recognizable. Can anyone domestics me? Be that as it may uttermost Siebel projects enjoy that included, some don't. Choose thwart and substantiate that your work is unceasing with that module included: Siebel Criterion Automation Interfaces.

If you are doing a PoC and long for to validate that it works, next Sibyl provides the transitory allow codes from the for all that URL. Although a deeply painstaking Selenium specimen may be competent to automate some scenario's, that is not the finest solicit looking for HI.

You might want to store more than one email apply oneself to for each acquaintance in the Siebel database. You can use the Alternate Email Address pasture in the Connection business component. That field has multiple values, and the data is stored in the Sermon field of the Communication Address partnership component.

The following procedures describe how to change pennant workflow processes so that they over the Alternate Subscription Address field to authenticate the sender of inbound email:. Because the Alternate Email Address domain in the business component is a multivalue fanatic, you can function Siebel Tools to determine the objective business component and the destination freak that stores the data.

Siebel Open UI Architecture (Siebel Open UI Training - Part 2)

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