When did mindy and danny start dating - Shipper’s Delight: The Evolution Of Mindy And Danny’s Relationship On ‘The Mindy Project’

The Mindy Project is an American comedy television series which aired on Fox for three seasons from September 25, , to March 24, The fourth...

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Mindy goes toe to toe with a cliquey mom Julie Bowen at Leo's school. Retrieved April 16, The fourth season began on September 15, , on Hulu. Meanwhile, Jeremy begins dating a much older woman. Meanwhile, Tamra fends off the advances of an ex she never thought she would backslide with. Retrieved February 11, As Mindy and Rishi try to intervene, she learns that Danny is having doubts about marrying Sarah.

Retrieved May 6, Retrieved October 1, Danny's mother, Annette Rhea Perlman , is in town, and Mindy is determined to win her approval. Retrieved December 6, Morgan helps Jeremy prepare for his one-man show about his early life and emigration to America.


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When Mindy learns her fertility practice is struggling financially, Jody offers to help. Mindy returns from Haiti for an emergency surgery. Army deployment to Afghanistan again. Mindy is thrilled when her fling from a Jewish summer camp she attended as a kid returns to NYC. Retrieved November 20, Shulman and Associates is turned upside down when Mindy hires Brendan after he considered suicide.

While Mindy struggles to take care of a sick Leo, Shulman and Associates is rocked by a nurses' strike led by Ben, a handsome male nurse.

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