Clothes that make you look sexier - 40 Tips for How to Be Sexy

In the old world, being sexy was about particular grooming, tight-fitting clothes and makeup. Now, we know that being sexy has more to do with...

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Close View all gallery. Look Sexier in an Instant! It doesn't get any easier than this simple move: Loosen up a button-down just enough to reveal a delicate collarbone, like Elle MacPherson , or draw even more attention to your decolletage by wearing a statement necklace like Eva Mendes. Slip on this bold, look-at-me shade, and get ready to stop traffic. Find a sheer red sheath, like Diane Kruger's , that still leaves something to the imagination, or follow Penelope Cruz 's lead by going head-to-toe scarlet in tailored-but-relaxed separates.

A single episode of Mad Men is enough to illustrate the usefulness of this sexy staple: Modern women like Kate Bosworth should try textured leather for an edgier take on the silhouette add a soft, feminine top and pumps to make it office appropriate , or dress your skirt down, like Jessica Biel with a loose silk tank and platform sandals.

Short-shorts can be surprisingly polished. Take your inspiration from Kate Walsh and wear strappy metallic sandals with a tailored but still sexy pair, or lengthen your legs with playful heels like Rihanna 's. Anyone who's seen Grease knows that a pair of cropped skinny jeans can be the key to going from all-American sweetie to sexy siren. Gwyneth Paltrow 's super-fitted light indigo pair emphasized her curves and played up her strong-shouldered blazer while Cameron Diaz 's darker dungarees highlighted her sassy peep-toed sandals.

Shimmer all summer with small hits of sequins or shining beads—a little dose of sparkle is an easy way to draw some eyes.

It's all about balancing sexy and casual looks. If you can't wear midriff crop tops, wear a tight bodysuit. Slip on this bold, look-at-me shade, and get ready to stop traffic. So yes, wearing red will scientifically make you sexier, even if it's something as casual as an oversized sweater. Being present is sexy.

Can I just ask how do some girls get boyfriends so easily?

  • How to Dress Sexy but Casual. Everyone wants to feel sexy from time to time....
  • Everyone wants to feel sexy from time to time.
  • 18 ways to be sexy and seductive in the clothes...
  • Wear a red dress, red shoes, red anything, and it'll make you feel on fire. Advertisement This old-school sexy move...
  • When you're getting dressed in the morning, you should always wear...
  • Slip on this bold, look-at-me shade, and get ready to...
  • Look Sexier in an Instant! |

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