Bacteria reproduce asexually by mitosis vs meiosis - How Do Protists Reproduce?

The Kingdom Protista is no longer in use among modern biologists because of the broad diversity of the group. Advances in the study of genetics...

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  • Reproduction is the creation of a new organism from an existing organism or...
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  • When cells divide by mitosis in the body of a multicellular...
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  • Reproduction in protists can be either sexual or asexual. First, the amoeba creates an exact replica of...
  • Why Is Mitosis a Form of Asexual Reproduction? | Sciencing

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So mitosis is not necessarily reproduction -- but it can be. After joining with a another bacterium through a special straw-like tube, a single DNA strand from a donor is injected into a recipient. Even so, after the chromosome duplicates, the cell splits into two daughter cells. Bacteria, for example, are prokaryotic organisms. First published in , Richard Gaughan has contributed to publications such as "Photonics Spectra," "The Scientist" and other magazines.

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Advances in the study of genetics have led to systems of classification based on relatedness to other organisms. Sexual reproduction requires two parents to undergo the process of meiosis, which creates a special reproductive cell with exactly half a set of DNA.

References Delaware County Community College: The trillions of cells in your body are all the result of many cycles of mitosis, starting from when you were a single-celled zygote. First, the amoeba creates an exact replica of its nucleus, which is called mitosis.

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