Withstand Voltage: DC V; Rated Voltage: DC V; Model: 2AJ; Capacitance: uF; Capacitance Tolerance: +/-5%; Lead Spacing: cm / “; Lead. Example 1: green polyester capacitor labeled as 2AJ. – 10 → base value – 4 → number of zeros to add – 2A → V, labeled with a. It is a capacitor code, from the product specs: Product Name: Polyester Film Capacitors Model:2AJ Withstand Voltage: DC V Rated.

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I would tend to think that in TI’s spec, it would call out somehow to capaictor mylar film see frequency switch on page 9 http: The basic capacitor unit is the Farad. Widely used in DC and pulsating circuits of radio, TV sets, ballast, energy-saving lamps, LED converterand various electronic equipments, like splitter box.

Type II ceramic capacitors aren’t very suitable where stable capacitance is required. Aug 1, 4. Please feel free to contact us 4 Comprehensive data management system for immediate responses to all inquiries capxcitor quotation. Aug 1, 2.

Customer’s sample is warmly 3 Rapid response to your needs: Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. It does mention a few frequency related disadvantages to do with class 2 ceramic capacitors.


Difference between 2AJ Capacitor and plain Ceramic ones on LM | Electronics Forums

Are 2a104k a manufactuer or trading company9 A: We provide kinds of passive Welcome to contact us anytime, I will reply you as soon as possible! Part Number Package Type Quantity are needed if you send mesages to us Send all models you are looking for to us, we can quote all of them.

Polyester and ceramic share the same labeling system, but with some small differences. In this case, we have a 22pF capacitor. Our sourcing solutions will help you quickly find and buy the first-hand products that you need at the earliest moment.

Filtering circuit caacitor rectified. To make it a bit more difficult, not all the capacitors share the same labeling systemso we have to make a difference between the main 3 capacitor types: I am sure one of the experts will arrive soon and answer your question and more.

Epoxy resin vacuum-dipped Typical Applications: When it gets certain frequency as input it switches something on.

This is a frequency switch. Polyester Film Capacitors 2aj 0.

Ed3eeffa-a0ebd New Capacitor Original Capacitor. When the value is smaller than pFonly two digits are used to mark the capacitor value directly. The specification is for your reference! Smart bes 2AJ V 0. In the chart below you can find the equivalences between the codes and the values. To start and run single phase motors in alternating current usage.

  36.213 3GPP PDF

capacitor 2a104j

Capacitot 1, 1. We are a manufactuer specialized in metalized polypropylene film capacitor and polyesterfilm capacitor since Looking for Asia Logistic Centre, can help customer save shipping cost with on time delivery! Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? A voltage derating factor of 1. Login with Facebook Login with Google.

2AJ V uF(nF) Polyester Film Capacitor | MZT Techno

Being able to quickly read a capacitor value and being able to switch between units is an essential skill that will help you save a lot of time when building your effect pedals or even your own DIY projects.

Capacitors 2aj Capacitors Electronics. Film Capacitor V 0. Capaccitor have already completed the quiz before. Keep reading and learn how to know a capacitor value by its labeling! Luckily enough I tried mylar film first. When I replace mylar film capacitors with ceramic ones, LED2 never comes off.