No icloud backups are compatible with the version of ios - How to Delete iCloud Backups in iOS 12 and iOS 11

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May 22,

When you get the choice for how to install, choose your iCloud backup. When you see this screen, release the Home button. Log in to iCloud account with Apple ID and password. Apple does it, Microsoft does it, Facebook does it, and Google does it too. Edit that number to the version of the device you want to restore to and save the file. If this does not resolve your issue, keep reading.

Close to using our spot, you acknowledge that you have review and understand our Cookie Policy Enactment, Privacy Policy Ritual, and our Terms of Service. I have an iCloud backup from an iPhone running iOS 8. Now, I'd like to strengthen another iPhone from this backup. The problem is that the other iPhone is running iOS 8.

I construct some guides on the internet explaining how to do a downgrade from a beta manifestation I didn't experience anything about downgrading from non-beta versions. But they are about downgrading from a major publish to another important release eg: My thought is that, unlike the iTunes backup, iCloud backup saves only knowledge about the facts on your iPhone a list of all installed apps, a list of all downloaded music, movies, etc.

I didn't just try out this yet as I don't be acquainted whether some materials in iCloud may get corrupted by means of restoring to an older version. You can determine whether a particular side of iOS is currently being signed for a agreed-upon device on ipsw. This list of updates , from the same website, shows when Apple starts and stops signing a foreordained version.

In your case, 8. That being so it is no longer possible to downgrade.

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  • How to Delete iCloud Backups in iOS 12 and iOS 11
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