Ugandan parliament passes anti-homosexuality bill - Gay Ugandans face new threat from anti-homosexuality law

The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, previously called the " Kill the Gays bill " in the western mainstream media due to death penalty clauses...

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The Anti-Homosexuality Act , passed by the parliament of Uganda was a bill that sought to criminalize the practice and culture of homosexuality in Uganda. The bill was previously and colloquially known as the 'Kill the Gays bill' because the bill previously proposed the death penalty, as a punishment, for the practice of homosexuality.

However, in reaction to the fervent outburst by the media, local civil rights groups, and the international community as whole, the punishment for homosexuality was reduced to life imprisonment. Even after the bill was 'tamed down', it was still absolutely reprehensible, even by Uganda's own constitutional standards. However, the bill was passed by Uganda's parliament, signed by the president, and became law.

The law was challenged in the Constitutional Court of Uganda and on August of this year, the court struck down the law. This was a huge victory for the gay community in Uganda, and civil rights as a whole, both on a local, national, and international level. However, when the law was struck down, several critics, such as myself, acknowledged that this victory for the gay community in Uganda was at most, short-lived.

The problem was that the Constitutional Court of Uganda declared the law unconstitutional, and proceeded to strike it down, on procedural rather than substantive grounds.

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They even celebrated Pride Day with discreet but joyous gatherings this summer. One thing is certain. Comparatively, Kiwagama has had more luck over the last year. The Walter Reed Project raid and initial response by the police and government spokespersons suggest an additional complication — the lack of coordination across branches of the Ugandan security establishment.

Museveni has been under stress from the donor community, several of whom enacted aid cuts in effect to the passing of the law in February His trip that week to Washington in support of the U. Their conquest demonstrates the power of domestic actors and the courts in promoting collective and legal change. That path to social nickels in Uganda — owing to the time, energy and sacrifice of key individuals and organizations, together with the power of the law — is no different than the way to social change in the United States.

The protection of rights, signally minority rights, often pop ups on the back of legal rulings, sometimes unbiased before the general social supports these rights. Late-model research by Rebecca Kreitzer, Allison Hamilton and Caroline Tolbert has found that anti-discriminatory legislation can in a beeline shift public opinion to be more supportive of same-sex rights. Activists and scholars worry that undeterred by recent progress on same-sex rights in places congeneric the United States, countries elsewhere — most clearly in Africa, but and Russia and India — are experiencing backsliding.

Moderately than thinking of gay rights as present or absent, a continuum may better represent the amplitude to which the rights of the LGBT community are being protected as well as the changing attitudes toward homosexuality within society.

Expanding the aegis and promotion of rights, including same-sex rights, is an iterative and not necessarily linear process.

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  • The Anti-Homosexuality Act , passed by the parliament of Uganda was a bill that sought to criminalize the practice...
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Citation Anti-Homosexuality Act, Territorial extent Whole of Uganda Enacted by Parliament of Uganda Date passed 20 December invalid Date signed 24 February invalid Signed by Yoweri Museveni Date commenced 24 February invalid Legislative history Bill citation Anti Homosexuality Bill, Bill published on 14 October Introduced by David Bahati Summary Broadens criminalisation of same-sex relations in Uganda The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, previously called the " Kill the Gays bill " in the western mainstream media due to death penalty clauses proposed in the original version [1] [2] [3] was passed by the Parliament of Uganda , on 20 December with life in prison substituted for the death penalty.

To become law, it requires his signature within 30 days. Your opinion Show comments Loading comments A person that conducts a marriage ceremony between persons of the same sex can be imprisoned for a maximum of seven years. We have done our part, it is an important piece of legislation. A person who "purports to contract a marriage with another person of the same sex" commits the "offence of homosexuality" and can be imprisoned for life.

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